At a Wednesday-night meeting, the Student Services Finance Committee granted a reduced budget for Sex Out Loud and Adventure Learning programs.

Sex Out Loud received more than $200 less than requested but received a few thousand dollars more than last year in their grant of $48,209 for their 2004-’05 budget.

The money erased from their budget was because of SSFC’s decision that some t-shirts were not necessary and a minute salary reduction was.

Adventure Learning Programs was awarded $107,726 for next fiscal year’s operations, which is an increase of $8,000. After restructuring some work hours and weeks, and not approving a line involving food, SSFC in the end only nixed more than $100 from the proposed budget.

SSFC also approved a $100 referendum that was overlooked from an original budget to WisPIRG.

However, the committee tabled a reconsideration of the SAFE program until Monday, where the budget in its entirety will be reviewed.

Two student groups also had budgetary hearings tonight, Greater University Tutoring Services and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center.