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Text of letter Helder sent to The Badger Herald

Mailboxes are exploding! Why, you ask?

Attention people.

You do things because you can and want (desire) to

If the government controls what you want to do, they control what you can do.

If you are under the impression that death exists, and you fear it, you do anything to avoid it. (This is the same way pain operates. Naturally we strive to avoid negative emotion/pain.)

You allow yourself to fear death!

World authorities allowed, and still allow you to fear death!

In avoiding death you are forced to conform, if you fail to conform, you suffer mentally and physically. (Are world powers utilizing the natural survival instinct in a way that allows them to capitalize on the people?)

To “live” (avoid death) in this society you are forced to conform/slave away.

I’m here to help you realize/ understand that you will live no matter what! It is up to you people to open your hearts and minds. There is no such thing as death. The people I’ve dismissed from this reality are not at all dead.

Conforming to the boundaries, and restrictions imposed by the government only reduces the substance in your lives. When 1% of the nation controls 99% of the nations total wealth, is it a wonder why there are control problems?

The United States strives to provide freedom for their people. Do we really have personal freedom? I’ve lived here for many years, and I see much limitation. Does the definition of freedom include limitation? I’ve learned about the history of various civilizations in history, and I see more and more limitation. Do you people enjoy this trend of limitation? If not, change it!

As long as you are uninformed about death you will continue to say “how high”, when the government tells you to “jump”. As long as the government is uninformed about death they will continue tell you to “jump” Is the government uninformed about death, or are they pretending?

You have been missing how things are, for very long. I’m obtaining your attention in the only way I can. More info is on its way. More “attention getters’ are on the way. If I could, I would change only one person, unfortunately the resources are not accessible. It seems killing a single famous person would get the same media attention as killing numerous un-famous humans. There is less risk of being detained, associated with dismissing certain people.


Someone Who Cares

PS. More info. will be delivered to various locations around the country.


Plants, Animals and Humans are the levels of consciousness contained on Earth. By design, each is specialized and amazing! In comprehending this scenario, take it a step further. What do you suppose would logically proceed humans?

I’m happy because I know, I often wonder why anyone would be content with believing when they could know. I often wonder why so many people spend their entire lives consuming what is fed to them, without knowing if they are consuming anything at all.


I was raised to believe. All of my family and friends were raised to believe. … to be gullible … to be materialistic … to fear authority … to blindly follow … you can’t forget greed, and god forbid they would understand themselves!

Do you wonder why people blow themselves up to hurt others? Do you wonder why the icebergs are melting, and precious earth is heating up? Do you wonder why you are here? Do you wonder what is out there … way out there? I remember those days of uncertainty, and I can’t tell you how great it is to know, to know eternally, and to be.

Humans have been striving for thousands and thousands of years to understand. From complex math equations, microscopes, and telescopes, to scientists, psychologists, governments (world leaders), and priests, all are designed to allow us all to understand. What the teachers/leaders understand is what the mass understands. Now wouldn’t it be wise to question authority?

Our society is getting more and more complex, a direct reflection of our desire to avoid suffering. Well look around friends, the future is here, but is the pain easing? Are the wars calming? Is EVERYONE happy? Clearly NOT! Everyone knows earth has its problems. The longer the mass fails to understand the longer suffering will occur for plants, animals, humans and Earth. We all suffer to certain degrees, whether it’s mental or physical, and technology contributes to making many daily activities easier, however, you in turn become dependent on the technology, and when something becomes broken, added pressures arise, and the negative emotions/suffering reoccurs.

Technology and complexity will NEVER satisfy your desire of avoiding suffering … There is more to this dilemma and I’m here to nudge you in a helpful direction.

I’m here to help you, to expose you, to inform you, to provide for you the answers for where to look, so the “spiritually sleepy mass” can transform themselves from believing to knowing, to have an awareness to life, and to begin understanding. Understand you have no reason to fear anything, ever, everything will be perfect, and the answers are much closer than you think! You will find answers that will allow everyone to find happiness, to know, and to understand. It’s time you people open your minds to a new train of thought. You are on a journey, a very exciting one at that!

I’m at an advantage in this society, and so is every other spiritually well-rounded person. We understand. Soon you will too, and you too, will be at an advantage. The advantage is the knowing that there is NO SUCH THING AS DEATH/VOID/END/NO MORE … whatever you want to call that notion. The idea that death exists is less realistic than the existence of the tooth fairy, as an actual entity! Santa clause, the Easter Bunny, The tooth fairy, Humpty Dumpty, and Death would all be categorized as fairy tales.

Why does the notion of “death” exist?

It is no wonder why the notion of death exists. Naturally you are afraid of what you don’t understand. Few people understand death, therefor most people fear death. And you can imagine the benefits of allowing the survival instinct to remain instilled into the current skewed understanding about death, which most people possess. Are world powers capitalizing on the “spiritually sleepy” mass? Is greed/money the reason why people have strayed away from their spiritual selves?

Revealed Religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) were created to maintain the survival instinct, to order people (Ten Commandments, notion of heaven/hell, good/bad) and at the same time provide some spiritual relief for people. A spiritual relief that in no way gives your results that allow you to actually realize that when you die, you do go on (religious people still fear death). Logically they should still fear death because they have not received substantial evidence pointing towards any truth in their religion (the notion that there is a heaven/hell). You are simply asked to believe, and most do. People insist on continuing to believe because religion has been pounded into the heads of most of us ever since we were children, and also “just in case there is really is a bad place called hell” … no wonder this belief system persists. Is it worth acknowledging (attending, giving money too) a particular spiritual reality/organization when you have no idea whether it is legitimate or not?

In fearing death, you are forced to work (in turn providing for the government), and conform to society. You work to buy food, provide shelter, entertainment, etc. You conform to society because you will receive negative emotion/pain/death (jail/death penalty) if you don’t. You fear, therefor you conform. Money is the only source of relief that most people are aware of. Naturally we avoid pain, therefor strive for relief, also known as obtaining money, and you obtain money by working. Therefor fear of death results in the ability of the government to make money, on the people/on precious consciousness/on you!

Greed of some lead to Misunderstanding of most.

Misunderstanding life creates a fear of death.

Fear of death forces you to work/conform.

Work/conformity allows government to benefit/capitalize from people (fulfills government desires, not peoples).

As long as greed persists, people will desire to capitalize, in turn forcing people slave away.

Understand life to eliminate greed.

Accurate spiritual understanding eliminates greed.

“”The sooner we all understand, the sooner the fear of death and greed is erased.””

Notice the cause and affect. Notice the stimulus, and response. Notice how veering away from your true spirituality lead to world hardship. Treat others how you want to be treated … this mentality can only produce more positive emotion/love.

Like I said I’m here to help you, to expose you, and to inform you, how to discover an accurate spiritual understanding. An understanding in which you know to be 100 percent true. How do you know this one thing is true, you ask? Well you must experience it personally of course!

Dreams are a key element in understanding reality.

We all experience dreams as we sleep. As our body rests, our minds continuously operate. When experiencing a dream, how do you know if you are awake or not? And when you are awake, how do you know if you are dreaming? The unnatural, muddled, often confusing sequence of events, and the idea that you “wake up”, are the only indicators that allow you to realize you were dreaming. The natural, constantly aware, and logically progressive sequence of events that we all experience, allows us to realize that we have to be awake. You can logically track what you do each day from the time you get out of bed, to the time you get back into bed. The reason we trick ourselves for a moment or extended moments into excepting the dream as being “real”, is because in terms of reality, a dream is exactly as realistic as the reality you perceive when you are “awake.”

Our reality/what we experience, is based on what we can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. This is how we know if something is “real.” As a consciousness/soul/spirit, you are constantly painting a reality in which you can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear, things. When you go to sleep you produce realities, and when you wake up you again produce more reality. Yes you have been producing everything that you have been experiencing, while sleeping, and awake, all of your life! Now you are probably starting to realize just how special we all are. We are all extremely specialized beings, and the idea that you are not aware of this fact is disturbing to me.

In being spiritually well rounded, you begin to understand yourself!

Mentally, and physically, you produce your own reality.

If you can think it, you can experience it.

As you all begin to realize the potential you have as a consciousness/soul/spirit, you will begin to harness the abilities you have to produce realities. All of us have such elaborate imaginations. You experience this directly as you dream. The ability to create

(anything in your own reality) will be utilized as a tool for yourself (and/or others) when experiencing life outside of the body. Frankly, I can’t wait! Just imagine the possibilities we all have as eternal beings! This is only the beginning, friends!

We have much to learn.

Earth is a beautiful place wouldn’t you say. There is so much beauty to be found everywhere. There are so many beautiful things, all by design. The three, least advanced, levels of consciousness reside here. Earth is a training ground for these stages of consciousness. If you are reading this, then you obviously have chosen to be a part of this Earth experience. And because of that choice, you now understand what is like to love, be loved, be confused, happy, sad, and the list of emotions goes on forever. Most of us have been through numerous life cycles for the purpose of gaining these emotions/experiences. If you don’t experience it then how can you possibly understand it?

Earth is a situation in which millions of consciousnesses coexist. While you dream, you are within yourself, producing the reality you imagine. Because you are producing the reality entirely, you are not confined to the laws of physics, you can take control, and do anything you can imagine. The practice of becoming aware while dreaming, and controlling the dream, is known as lucid dreaming. While awake, you enter a reality within your body. As we have found, Earth is a reality dictated by the laws of physics (gravity, matter, energy, etc). Our reality on earth was set up for the purpose of producing an effective learning environment. We learn through experiencing the opposite. Would you realize how great you had it if you had not realized how terrible you could have had it? You experience pain to understand what pleasure is. Remember, experience/learn something first hand to understand something.

What happens when the body dies?

Imagine how confusing is must be to be taken away from everything that you have known. When your body dies, you are simply, out of your body. Problems arise when individuals “get out” and they aren’t aware of what to do next. Many conciousnesses linger around on earth, clutching to material things; this is what ghosts are. Many consciousnesses get out and aimlessly wander, unaware of their divine potential. Individuals who commit suicide, for the purpose of escaping their problems, get out of their bodies to find themselves contaminated with the same sadness, and often find themselves even more confused. Inaccurate death perceptions, and Misunderstood, Age-old religions/dogmas are the direct cause of these dysfunctional results. Understanding the truth will only direct/guide consciousnesses that are revisiting life on the other side. You are free to do anything when you are out of the body! Understanding yourself will only provide direction for you!

There are no rules out of the body.

The body is a temporary learning experience.

You learn in the body, and play out of the body;)

How can you begin to know, instead of believe?

You know something is true by experiencing that something. How do you know you are a consciousness experiencing a body? There are numerous philosophical notions that you can explore on your own proving the existence of a creator/s, and/or god consciousness. There are a variety of practices and natural occurrences that you can take part in/recognize that will let you KNOW that you go on when you die. Open your minds and experience them. You may hear ghost stories, but have you ever seen one? If you haven’t, get out the camera and start seeing. Why not prove to yourself they exist? Like I said, I’ve been there. I was curious about the existence of ghosts, and my curiosity lead me to further investigation, which in turn allowed me to KNOW ghosts truly do exist. Needless to say, it was an exciting occasion to finally see one! When I got my film developed to find orbs, the week was even more exciting!

Meditation and astral projection/controlled out of body experiences are more key elements in knowing you go on when your body dies. This involves the practice of intentionally controlling yourself away from your body as it rests. When you get out, you get to experience life on the other side directly. You get to learn first hand what it is like to be out of body. You will travel faster than the speed of light to anywhere, and by merely thinking! Go on, find those who have past on. You can travel with others who are out too. Meet up with friends in the night, and talk about your experience the next day. The possibilities are endless and the experiences will be breathtaking. The future is here people, get online and to the library. Start observing, thinking, researching, thinking, understanding, and not to mention, THINKING! Whether it’s logic, meditation, channeling, astral projection, or ghosts, all are ways of knowing … wouldn’t you agree that earth will benefit from everyone knowing?

You talk of this place called heaven. Heaven resides within you. You control your own destiny. You are your own god! Earth is a place where free will resides. You can do anything you want. Because of this principle earth has its many crude lessons, and what one does effects everyone else. Accurately understanding the science of spirituality/life, will allow you to reevaluate your current methods and create more correct ways. You give the death penalties to your most severe criminals. Does freeing their consciousness/soul/spirit provide relief of anxiety for you, or are you attempting to give them that age old, nonexistent notion of death? You can work for years to achieve something and get hit by a car the next day … Your time on earth will contain its many ups and downs, and no matter what, everything will be perfect in the end. Why have regrets?

There is no such thing as death, and fear is not necessary …

I’m doing this because I care, and have one in you people. If this doesn’t work then so be it. In the end you will KNOW I was telling you the truth anyway. Imagine the sigh of relief you will have to KNOW you go on when you die. World authonomy has placed limitations on humans for long enough, learn from your mistakes and grow! To KNOW is to be given the key to the bodily “cell” most of us are currently confined to. The option is yours, but why not grasp realtiy, and make an art of living? Learn from your mistakes, and change society accordingly. There is so much limitation placed on individuals in the United States that it is illegal to grow marijuana?! I recommend finding proper (most beneficial/desirable) order, not excessive order. Marijuana was placed here for a reason people. You spend billions per year on drug prohibition and the only thing being accomplished is the spending of billions of dollars. Alcohol is a motor skill impairment; marijuana is a mental stimulation, yet the impairing agent is legal?! Is this yet another governmental agenda utilized as a tool for order? Alcohol directly kills thousands per year; marijuana directly kills zero people per year. Wake up people! You’re here for such a short time, why have regrets? I’m taking very drastic measures in attempt to provide this information to you. You people have failed long enough… can we now grow? I will die/change in the end for this, but that’s ok, hahaha paradise awaits! I’m dismissing a few individuals from reality, to change all of you for the better, surely you can understand my logic.

See you all in 2011 (or sooner). Now go find your higher selves!

As clear and concise as possible :),


Lucas Helder


Elementary and High School Education

Distinguish “common sense” and “book smarts” as different yet equally effective forms of intelligence, and adjust the nations school systems accordingly. This would eliminate the friction that is ever so present in today’s systems, among the “bad” kids, and the “good” (book smart) kids, and the teachers. I found many Teachers always treat the “smart kids” (book smart) as if they are better in school. This in turn reducing their chance of having a desire to further their education, or at least care about learning in school. The kids who get the “A’s” are not the only “smart” kids.

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