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With new COVID-19 variant omicron looming, here’s what you need to know

Omicron variant spreading across globe, too early to tell potential impacts

Science News

Skipping sleep to study for finals comes at a cost, UW researchers say

'In human adolescence, sleepiness or sleep deprivation has become what's considered, at this point, almost an epidemic,' UW researcher says

Science News

UW chemistry lab discovers potential replacement to carbon based fuel economies

Ammonia fuel cells provide alternative fuel system with sustainable emissions

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Winter is coming: The science behind seasonal depression

With daylight savings time approaching, here's experts' advice on how to navigate seasonal blues

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UPDATED: FDA authorizes booster shots for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and mixing vaccines

'Research to date has shown that the booster shot may be the same or a different brand and all combinations are safe,' UW expert says

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Electric vehicle policies, practices pave way for reducing carbon emissions in Midwest

Amid growing Midwest policy efforts to make charging electric vehicles easier, Wisconsin experts weigh in on the efficiency of electric vehicles

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UPDATED: Yosemite park ranger’s lecture inspires social change by sharing beauty of national parks

Rebuilding yesterday: Power of untold stories, conversation with Shelton Johnson

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The Lab Report: Harnessing power of color, design to understand the world around us

The Schloss Lab studies visual perception, the inferences people draw from visual features like color, shape, texture


The rise of bioethics: How the discipline began, persists at UW

From pioneering the field of bioethics 50 years ago to applying morality to science's greatest controversies today, the field's evolution continues on campus

Science News

UW Space Place gives audience a ‘Tour of the Universe’ with guest speaker

Guest Speaker Dean Regas takes the audience to far reaches of universe, describes what lies outside our solar system

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