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Debunked: paper, plastic or neither?

Both have their environmental impacts, says UW expert, cautioning that debate may be overblown

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Fact or Fiction: Worsening misinformation spread poses dangerous implications for society

While misinformation has existed throughout history, the evolving media landscape leaves people susceptible to misinformation like never before

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Understanding implications of augmented reality in manufacturing, privacy

Recent study shows that augmented reality makes tasks easier, but decreases learning, continuous improvement in manufacturing

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Debunked: Do humans use only 10% of our brains?

Since brains consume one-fourth of body oxygen, it would be unreasonable to spend that much energy on 10% of one organ from an evolutionary perspective, experts say

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The Lab Report: Engineering energy-efficient chemical production methods

The Hermans Research Group seeks energy efficient methods for mass production of industrial chemicals, like those used to make many of the world's plastics

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What the James Webb Space Telescope can offer us over next five years

After decades of planning, innovation, the world's largest space telescope is nearing operation

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With new COVID-19 variant omicron looming, here’s what you need to know

Omicron variant spreading across globe, too early to tell potential impacts

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Skipping sleep to study for finals comes at a cost, UW researchers say

'In human adolescence, sleepiness or sleep deprivation has become what's considered, at this point, almost an epidemic,' UW researcher says

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UW chemistry lab discovers potential replacement to carbon based fuel economies

Ammonia fuel cells provide alternative fuel system with sustainable emissions

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Winter is coming: The science behind seasonal depression

With daylight savings time approaching, here's experts' advice on how to navigate seasonal blues

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