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In Photos: No rain check for Mifflin partygoers

Thousands of students gathered for the annual Mifflin Street Block Party this Saturday

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UW researchers offer insight on dream production

Study suggests dreams not linked only to rapid eye movement


In Photos: Dane County Farmer’s Market re-opens for season

Hundreds of Madison residents flocked to Capitol square for return of farmer's market


In Photos: East Madison community marches, holds vigil to remember Tony Robinson

Monday marked the two-year anniversary of his death

UW-Madison Campus

Pulling an all-nighter for your exam? UW researchers say think again

According to synaptic homeostasis hypothesis, sleep improves brain plasticity, information retention


In Photos: Planned Parenthood supporters ‘pink out’ Capitol

Supporters of Planned Parenthood gathered in solidarity during the governor's address this afternoon


In Photos: UW students gather on Bascom to protest refugee executive order

Dozens of law and non-law students marched Friday to protest the President Trump's action

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In Photos: Hundreds gather to protest 45th president’s inauguration

UW students, Madison community members march to Capitol in protest of Donald Trump's presidency

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New study predicts collapse of key global climate regulator

Collapse of regulator could even counteract heating effect of greenhouse gases

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Leaf-cutter ants could be key to creating new antibiotics

75 to 85 percent of pharmaceutical drugs are currently losing effectiveness on humans across the globe

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