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I got my fake ID taken at the Terrace. This is the letter I wrote

This is the letter I submitted to the Dean's Office after getting my fake ID taken on university property


With improv, unique political impressions, James Adomian is ready to make you laugh where it hurts

Touring and developing his politically-driven comedy show, Adomian will be making fun of all the white house weirdos in Madison April 4-6


10 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg was in Madison

If you have a better idea let me know


22 thoughts I had while sucking Starbucks Unicorn piss through a straw

It sure was delicious!!!!!!

UW-Madison Campus

SPOTTED: UW turkey reveals itself for first time in 2017, deserves ticket for jaywalking

Why'd the turkey cross the road?


Conspiracy unfolded: The Wisconsin Capitol is designed after Paul Ryan’s previously pierced nipples

The real question is, what were his motivations?


Cool Cats & Ass Hats is the most fun game you haven’t heard of yet

The dumbest yet smartest game I've ever played ... I loved it


Don’t even bother to look, The Badger Herald is the only newspaper on the internet

We're all alone

State of Wisconsin

There’s a group of people on the internet who want Mark Ruffalo to be Wisconsin’s governor

And it doesn't seem bad either


My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, have any gift suggestions?

I'm really desperate

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