Like many, I hate exercise. I cannot run for my life and my vigorous walk up Bascom Hill towards my 8 a.m. class is my most rigorous exercise.

Living in Madison, one can seemingly encounter five hot yoga studios within a square mile — but yoga isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Meditation can be boring at times, which warrants more stimulating exercise.

Nestled below Dragonfly Hot Yoga, Flyght Cycle’s downtown location offers a different kind of exercise for those similarly uninterested in yoga. Borrowing ideas from the popular Soul Cycle concept, Flyght Cycle offers indoor cycling experiences set to riveting music. As I successfully avoided gym class throughout high school, I never experienced cycling of any kind aside from being hit by a bike.

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Intrigued by the bright yellow and blue exterior, I checked out Flyght’s website and noticed the spot offers a completely free first class. Curious, I signed up for an early morning session to experience my first Flyght.

The sharp yellow and blue theme continues inside the studio, including the bikes themselves. A receptionist greeted me and checked me into my “flight” as she pointed me towards the classroom and lockers. Another bright blue background welcomed me as I walked into the classroom — it really looked like it was the sky. I had no clue what seat height or position I needed to be comfortable during the exercise, but had walked in too late to figure that out. I am certain coming in early to figure out how those preferred positions would have improved experience.

My “pilot” promptly began class at 9 a.m., and I was amazed when the lights turned out at the start of the class. I’m not certain if it was sleep deprivation, but I felt like I was soaring, even though my body definitely felt the burn. Chalking this up to the lack of time I gave myself to discover the perfect seat height, I often found myself adjusting the moves to save my body future pain. Luckily, it was in the dark, so I didn’t feel any judgement for choosing to modify.

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While this unlit nature clearly is advantageous for those of us who are sometimes awful at exercising, there are other more fun perks. The lack of light allowed the instructor’s calm and motivating words to assist in completing the entire 45 minute class and provided an amazing backdrop to light shows during songs like “Sucker” and “Tempo.” Additionally, I swear the air conditioning in the classroom feels like a real outdoor breeze. It’s amazing.

In addition to the first free class, Flyght also offers $5, 30-minute classes on the weekends. While tepid at first, I enjoyed my experience at Flyght Cycle and would recommend the unique form of exercise to anyone looking to switch up their normal routine.