The Lucas Brothers brought their brand of stoner twin humor to the Comedy Club on State Street this Thursday and Friday.

Known for their roles in their series “Lucas Brothers: On Drugs,” the animated series “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.” and the feature film “22 Jump Street,” the duo performed for the packed Comedy Club following two openers.

Constantly referencing their identical appearances and styles, Kenny and Keith Lucas told jokes in alternating phrases, creating a fluid and symmetrical stage presence.

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Their methodic delivery set up not only moments for big laughs, but opportunities that forced the audience to think as well. Every joke was purposeful and told truths in upfront language.

The pair focused largely on issues of inequality, such as police brutality, and made comments on the political climate through witty yet understated references. Through using statistics and figures, the brothers created an understanding of issues in a direct but humorous way.

Combining allusions to classical philosophers and widely loved rap artists, like Tupac and Missy Elliot, the Lucas Brothers made relatable, low-key humor out of scholarly topics. Bragging about their philosophical and economic prowess, the duo made themselves stand out.

The brothers admitted halfway through the show that they had both smoked prior — but most of the audience probably knew that anyway.

Their set was just that: a continuous dialogue between two best friends that see themselves as post-smoke sesh philosophers.

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Their call-and-response humor was purposely casual, despite the brothers’ obvious confidence and finesse. They very clearly knew what they were doing.

Perhaps the funniest part of the show, though, was how the brothers seemed to crack each other up. Laughing out loud in between jokes, the two created an almost contagious reaction throughout the venue. Before long, the entire audience couldn’t stop laughing.

The two brothers made themselves right at home on Madison’s beloved comedy stage — even after gracing some much larger stages in their careers. Their humility was shown throughout their set as well, as they joked about Aretha Franklin skipping their opening set at her own show, and made themselves relatable through childhood stories.

The brothers put on an unforgettable show and even stuck around afterward to meet fans and take pictures.