A comedy show tailored for college students is celebrating its one-year anniversary Oct. 14 and remains free to the public even after the successful year.

Hosted by fifth-year senior Aaron Klinger, “Some Dumb Show” is put on every month and features stand-up comedians from Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago. Klinger is a comic himself, which led him to practice stand-up in Chicago one summer. After meeting fellow comics, Klinger and his co-host Joey Bednarski decided to bring the talent to Madison to elevate the town’s comedy scene.

“The whole idea is just to stoke the love of stand-up and funny people in the Madison community and to have it blossom by showing people these new, interesting viewpoints,” Klinger said.

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The hosts provide these unique viewpoints by having new performers at each show. New, young voices keep the material fresh. “Some Dumb Show” also has a balance of male and female performers, because stand-up is often male-dominated, Klinger said.

The comedy style of younger people is energetic and electric, it’s just not appreciated as much as it should be. This comedy show is an opportunity for comics to share their craft in an intimate setting, Klinger said.

This year, “Some Dumb Show” will take place at “The Palace” — the nickname for a house on Pinckney street. This week’s show will be the first performance at this new location. By hosting the show in a house, the audience gets to witness a comedy show like they’ve never seen one before, Klinger said.

“You are seeing these genuinely funny people seven feet away from you, and you’re really understanding that it’s live,” Klinger said. “Going to live events is so huge because there’s an energy that builds together and there’s a collective audience that you get to share these moments with. That’s electric.”

Being in a collective audience also builds a sense of community. It’s a space for people that don’t fit into the campus or Langdon scene, Klinger said. The space creates a voice for the more artistic.

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Klinger is enthused every time people return, which strengthens the community, but new people are always welcome to come. The show is a “come one, come all event” — there are no expectations. If anyone is anxious to show up to the event for the first time, fear not — the hosts always provide a case or two of beer.

“It’s so welcoming,” Klinger said. “It’s the idea that we’re all getting together and enjoying something together.”

The events usually draw 50 people, but the one-year anniversary may be a bigger hit. In the past, Bednarski has dressed up in a surprise character to keep the audience engaged even when no comic is performing. The hosts have some tricks up their sleeves to make the anniversary the best show yet, but they won’t spill much, Klinger said.

See the event first-hand this Saturday at 9 p.m. “The Palace” is located at 205 N Pinckney St. The shows usually last just over an hour.

“It’s down to be a rip-roaring good time,” Klinger said.