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The Rise of ‘Among Us’

Game replaces Fall Guys as new king of gaming community


World of Warcraft: new expansion, new player experience

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion 'Shadowlands' brings many changes to new player experience, making it a fantastic time to start franchise


UW Athletics: Sports you can do while stuck in quarantine

While many turn to sports highlights to stay occupied, staying active is key while trapped during COVID-19 pandemic

Video Games

New movies, video games bring new meaning to ‘March Madness’

Juggling spring break, March Madness and midterms can be difficult: Here’s what you missed in March

Video Games

BioWare’s “Anthem” is a slow-paced, unrewarding mess

“Anthem” struggles with game pace, loading screens and frustrating repetition


Nintendo Switch officially most superior console going into 2019

Other platforms compete, but no match for Wii, GameCube successor becomes a must have console when compared to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


Best gifts for the gamers in your life

As year wraps up, our expert tells you what games, consoles need gift wrapping


‘Red Dead Redemption’ series is back with a vengeance in its second installment

Visual realism, realistic mechanics help game stand out from other fall titles


‘Super Mario Party’ like it’s 1999

Incorporating great features from previous titles was right move, even if some not-so-great features made it in


‘Far Cry 5’ visually compelling, details lacking wholesome experience

Ubisoft's newest installment of series keeps gamers going, for now

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