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Glee recap “Furt”

Last night’s episode
started with a bang when Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) dad, Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley)
and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) mother, Carole Hudson (Romy Rosemont) announce their
engagement. While Kurt is thrilled at the idea to have an opportunity to plan a
wedding, Finn is a bit surprised but manages to still be happy for his mom.

Of course, Sue
Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has reached a new level of insanity by deciding she is
going to marry herself. While undergoing preparations for her wedding, which
are not many considering she is presiding, her mother, Doris Sylvester, played
by guest-star Carol Burnett, returns for the wedding after having spent the
last three years hunting Nazi’s.

 Although Sue invites
her mother to her wedding, Sue can not forgive Doris for not having been there
for her or older sister Jean (Robin Trocki). The two sing musical number “Ohio”
from the musical “Wonderful Town” which allows Sue to express her emotions
about how she feels in regards to her mother, which is apparent frustration. At
the end of the episode, Doris Sylvester leaves, upset about their dying
relationship, leaving Sue and Jean to support each other, just as they always

 Dave Karofsky (Max
Adler) continues to bully Kurt after threatening his life last week. When Will
Schuester notices Karofsky terrifying Kurt, they take the situation to Sue,
still the current principal. Sue empathizes with Kurt over his situation after
having watch her mentally ill sister constantly teased growing up. However, she
cannot suspend Karofsky until he physically harms Kurt.

 Sam Evans (Chord
Overstreet) is trying to win the affection of Quinn (Dianna Agron) and presents
her a promise ring. Although Quinn does not reject it, she does not accept the
ring, giving him a maybe. Meanwhile, when Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) and Artie
Abrams (Kevin McHale) challenge to Karofsky to leave Kurt alone, Karofsky attacks them and Sam joins the
fight taking a fist to the eye. The fight ends when Coach Beiste (Dot Marie
Jones) breaks it up.


 After having seen Sam
defend Kurt, many of the glee club members start to see him as a leader and
many find themselves disappointed with Finn. When Santana (Naya Rivera) points
out that Finn is loosing his leadership status, she points out he should
announce they had sex together last year as a way of boosting his “coolness”
but when he refuses because he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel’s feelings, Santana
threatens that maybe she will tell Rachel herself.

 Later in the episode,
Kurt is teaching his father and Finn how to dance in order to prepare for the
wedding. When Burt Hummel father sees Karofsky teasing Kurt from the hallway,
Kurt explains the situation which causes his father to take the situation to
the office, where Sue decides it is time for suspend Karofsky. Burt Hummel is
also frustrated with Finn for not defending Kurt as the whole situation has been

 At the wedding, New
Directions performs “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and the club walks down the aisle
and presents Burt Hummel and Carole Hudson at the alter. The performance is
very enthusiastic, all of the club members happy about the wedding. At the
reception, Mr. Schuester performs Michael Buble’s “Sway” for Burt and Carole’s
first dance.

 Realizing how poorly
he has been treating Kurt by not defending him to Karofsky, Finn performs a
song in his honor at the reception and with the help of New Directions, he
sings “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. The whole situation is very
comforting to Kurt as he realizes that he has such a supportive group of
friends and in the end, a supportive brother. However, when Kurt finds out that
the school board is readmitting Karofsky back to the school, he decides for his
safety and a better education, he is going to transfer to Dalton Academy, where
there is a zero-tolerance, no bullying rule.

 The glee club is
shocked, especially new stepbrother Finn and best friend Mercedes Jones, who
was speechless. Audience members were most likely just as speechless as Mercedes.
What will happen to New Directions as they try to prepare for sectionals with
not only one less vocalist but one of their strong singers? Next week should be
a promising episode as the Glee club fights to survive one more year. 

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