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Not-So-Celebrity Playlist of the Week

I used to absolutely HATE any music that had screaming in
it. It scared me (literally, I was frightened). But, after about two years of
being introduced to it, I cannot get enough. I had to progress to the level I
am at now, so that’s what I’d like to do for you guys. I don’t want to scare
you a away, either. This can open up so many musical doors for you if you just
give it a shot.

 (disclaimer: I
am not saying that this is the definitive list of “hardcore,” and is simply my interpretation
of this huge and ever expanding genre.)

1) The Past Should Stay Dead, by Emarosa


Emarosa doesn’t really have screaming, which makes it
perfect for the first song on the list. Vocalist Jonny Craig has a voice that will
seriously make girls take their clothes off. No joke. From the moment this song
begins, you’ll see what I mean-his vocal talent is virtually unmatched. Also,
the instruments have heavier elements in this track that will get progressively
harder as we go on-a perfect intro track. 

2)Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted-blessthefall

Blessthefall is usually pretty heavy, but this is one song
that doesn’t have screaming in it. Screaming is intense, so I can’t scare you
off right away! Beau Bokin’s voice is really nice and there’s great melodies in
this song. This track features some heavier drums with some double-bass pedal
and some nice guitar moments that reflect the harder elements to come.

3)You Are So Beautiful-Escape the Fate

This is one of the first bands with screaming vocals that I
started listening to. This song has a super catchy chorus and just a hint of
screaming in the background. I figure this is as good a time as any to
introduce the sometimes off-putting quality of screaming. Trust me, it’ll grow
on you.

4)The Cheap Bouquet-Pierce the Veil

This is actually one of my favorite bands. I hated them at
first because the lead singer (Vic Fuentes) has a very unique voice that I was
not used to. The screaming in this song isn’t guttural or scary-it’s pretty
cool and adds a lot to the song. It’s not a really “heavy” song, but we’re
progressing with the vocals here.

5)Don’t Jump the Shark Before You Save the Whale-Broadway

This song features the classic harder breakdown that has
“chugging” guitars and screaming (the rest of the song doesn’t have much
screaming, just nice singing). A lot of what I listen to is like this-most of
it is melodic, but there are moments of heaviness. This is an introduction to
the heavier side of screaming that might scare you.

6) If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink- Chiodos

Chiodos is another one of my favorite bands, the first
“hardcore” band that I’ve ever loved. It was hard for me to choose just one
track, so if you like this one, check out entire albums. Vocalist Craig Owens
has since left the band, but he’s the reason you’ll end up loving them. Owens’
light, almost pretty voice is juxtaposed with his own screaming. This balance
is exactly what you’ll need at this point.

7)The Bomb Dot Com V2.0-Sleeping With Sirens

This band is another that has melodic vocals mixed with
screaming. This track is heavier than the others on the list. You’ll definitely
be able to hear the difference in instrumentals, especially in the beginning
and during the breakdown.

8) Chris Brown’s Latest Hit-Ice Nine Kills

There are two screamers in this band, so you’ll hear two
different styles. This song has the most screaming on the list so far, but it
is still mixed with melodic singing. This song is basically a step forward from
the previous. We’re definitely working our way up to no singing; I hope you’re

9) The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge is

This song starts with intense screaming and instruments,
goes into Owen’s soft vocals, and then explodes again into screaming and
intensity. There is a lot of screaming on this track, and I hope you’re ready for it…and what comes next.

10) Crucify Me-Bring Me the Horizon

I just started listening to this band. It has taken me two
years to get to a point where I can listen to purely screaming and really heavy
stuff like this band produces. I just saw them in concert, and it was
litereally incredible. This track explodes with frenzied instruments and singer
Oli Syke’s interesting and intense vocals. There are some electronic elements
and it also features Canadian electro-pop singer Lights. This song has
everything, and I hope this progression has prepared you for the end of our
hardcore journey.

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