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UW-Madison Campus

On-campus PCR testing to end after fall semester

UW phases out PCR testing on campus amid lessening demand


‘Get Yourself Tested’ campaign encourages Madison residents to test for STIs

UW student orgs support increased testing for sexually transmitted diseases amid STI awareness month

TAA member sticks letter of demands to move to online instruction on Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s office door, Jan. 24
UW-Madison Campus

Testing concerns, boosters, protests: One week into semester, UW continues in-person instruction

As members of campus community clash with administrators over return to classes, university sticks to original mitigation plan to press on in person

UW-Madison Campus

UW extends mask mandate, plans to provide free rapid antigen tests

Coupled with free antigen tests, UW will open one PCR testing site — down from four last semester


Honorlock invades students’ privacy, too expensive to justify

Alternative testing methods provide less expensive, less invasive option to deter cheating

Science News

UW expands vaccine eligibility to employees, some testing sites to close from April 2

Over 5,600 UW students have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine


UW introduces new tear-based COVID-19 test

innovative and exclusive test is projected to be faster than drool pooling


COVID-19 testing according to the stars

We take collective experiences and make them individualized for you!

State of Wisconsin

College campuses contribute to Wisconsin’s high level of COVID-19 cases

UW-Madison, UW-Green Bay professors emphasize students' responsibility in reducing COVID-19 infections

UW-Madison Campus

Quarantine lifts on Sellery, Witte dorms, in-person classes set to resume

Students will be contacted by instructers with information about when, if their class will resume in person

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