UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin universities aim to help environment through variety of projects

Through use of campus 'green funds,' Wisconsin universities implement sustainability initiatives

City of Madison

A closer look at Madison’s new sustainability coordinator

Emphasis will be placed on community outreach, adding more renewable energy to grid

UW-Madison Campus

Madison community leaders say business models need to be more sustainable

Leaders say sustainability indexes key in developing sustainable business practices

UW-Madison Campus

‘There’s no free lunch,’ UW professor explores drawbacks to green power

Professor Alan Carroll highlighted drawbacks associated with cleanest forms of energy

City of Madison

Committee explores options for 100 percent clean energy initiatives in Dane County

The city discussed ways to fully transition to 100 percent renewable energy


Cup O’ Madison: Fair Trade Coffee House remains dedicated to sustainable practice despite owner switch

Try their creamy, smooth nitro brew


Reduce your ecological footprint by buying that $90 pair of jeans

Invest in sustainable fashion rather than binge-buying for the sake of your closet, planet

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health calls attention to sustainability through recycled medical art

Biocap project depicts relationship between health care, environment, raises awareness about hidden waste

Letter to the Editor

Environmental studies education must be mandatory at UW

Ensuring future generations are educated in environmentally savvy practices is essential for prosperous future


The Badger Herald Banter staff endorses Mayor McCheese for president

There is only one sensible candidate in this election