Point Counterpoint: Democrats should focus on their own problems instead of impeachment proceedings

Rather than support their own candidates, Democrats' campaign plan seems to be fruitless efforts to impeach Trump


Letter to the Editor: It’s time to bring Safe Harbor to Wisconsin

Pervasive sex trafficking in Wisconsin requires introduction of legal measures to protect survivors


Where Wisconsin’s gubernatorial, U.S. Senate candidates stand on public education

Experts weigh in on what UW System, students should expect from each candidate

State of Wisconsin

Evers to challenge Walker, Vukmir to take on Baldwin in key November races

Races received national attention following Trump's victory in 2016, hopes of 'Blue Wave' this year

UW-Madison Campus

In fight for reelection, Baldwin looks to combat student loan debt, improve college affordability

Incumbent senator believes students, young progressives to be key in her reelection campaign


DACA battle reveals dangerous implications of government without checks and balances

Abusing the roles of the Supreme Court, Congress, shows Trump administration's political ineptitude


Voting has never been more important for students than it is now

Making sure officials are elected that represent the UW system's best interests key for Wisconsin students


Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve criticism from members of his own party

As one of the most influential, successful members of Congress, Ryan is more than doing his job for the Republican party

State of Wisconsin

State budget’s future in Senate unclear

All Democrats, five Republicans voted against budget

State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers look to spark ‘HOPE’ in fight against state’s opioid epidemic

Despite Republican optimism, some democrats say these bills do not go far enough in dealing with opioid addiction