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State of Wisconsin

State legislature passes bill ensuring top 5% of high schoolers admitted to UW-Madison

Other UW campuses required to admit top 10%

State of Wisconsin

Threat of government shutdown presents local challenges

Shutdown would affect federal government services including student financial aid, political scientist says

State of Wisconsin

Governor Evers, Republican leaders reach tentative agreement on shared revenue plan

Tax revenue to support K-12 education, local governments


Senator Tammy Baldwin announces 2024 reelection campaign

Baldwin seeks third term representing Wisconsin in US Senate

State of Wisconsin

UPDATED: Ron Johnson wins U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin

Associated Press makes official election call, declaring Johnson as winner


Trusting election procedures: What to remember during midterm tallies

Reliable counting procedures, election regulations may delay results


Bisconsin senator Bon Bohnson insecure about tiny benis

'It's women's fault I don't get laid,' Bohnson says


My Voice, My Vote: Student vote plays foundational role in decisive election

As November midterm approaches, UW students navigate their role, significance in Wisconsin politics


Baldwin, Johnson at odds over same-sex marriage bill

Act would protect same-sex marriage in wake of overturn of Roe v Wade

State of Wisconsin

U.S. Senate makeup could hinge on Wisconsin voters in 2022 midterms, political science experts say

UW students should cast their votes this Senate election because Wisconsin will be tight race, political science expert says

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