Dirty Bird

Letter to the Editor: Free speech and discourse in journalism are vital to me announcing that I am an asshole

I am free to put on display my hateful nature as an individual but just to be clear you are not free to criticize my alarming intolerance

Letter to the Editor

Dear Ron Johnson: Do your job and stand up to Trump’s revised travel ban

Trump's second travel ban is no less hateful than the first

State of Wisconsin

Mike Pence stomps on Obamacare, praises Wisconsin businesses in Janesville visit

Republican leaders focused on health care reform, need to find 'shared values'

State of Wisconsin

Here’s how you can send Sen. Ron Johnson a potato

This is what freedom of speech really looks like

City of Madison

Despite calls from his constituents, Sen. Johnson ghosts Madison community at open chair town hall

Concerned citizens gathered to discuss pressing issues, such as Trump administration

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin legislators speak out against U.S. Supreme Court nominee

Wisconsin U.S. senators split on supporting Neil Gorsuch's nomination


It’s time to reorganize Wisconsin’s Democratic party

Losing seat in Assembly, Senate as well as conceding state to Trump must result in change

State of Wisconsin

Obama’s moves to protect Planned Parenthood will not impact Wisconsin

Pro-life advocates said Republican President, stronger Republican control will push pro-life goals forward


Feingold hypocritical in campaign finance attacks

Sen. Johnson isn't the only one receiving big money from PACs

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker spends birthday promoting Republican values to UW students

Walker encourages voting in tight Senate election