First Amendment does not unconditionally protect blocked Twitter users

Brief analysis of court cases reveal the complicated history of First Amendment protection on the public forum


Political integrity is vital to democracy — discourse on Twitter must not be an exception

Politics on Twitter has its pitfalls, but now more than ever, constituents have the power to hold their leaders accountable


Vos’ disrespect of open records laws detracts from functioning democracy

Despite open records laws, Vos refuses to release details of $850,000 legal contract regarding gerrymandering lawsuit

State of Wisconsin

Legislature passes lame duck bills limiting executive power

In a rare lame-duck session, the Wisconsin state Legislature passed a package of bills along party lines Wednesday morning limiting executive power and early voting.


Evers, Democrats must build base to overcome Republican obstructionism

Only meaningful response to Republican stonewalling is to build broad, popular support for a progressive vision

State of Wisconsin

Under Walker’s new welfare package, recipients see increase in work requirements for food stamps, mandated drug tests

Governor believes assistance 'should be more like a trampoline and less like a hammock'


Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ aggressive actions reflect his power-hungry nature

Although apologies have been issued, agenda behind his biting words still remains

State of Wisconsin

State Assembly passes resolution making sexual harassment training mandatory

Wisconsin Legislature one of few across nation to adopt required training


Misuse of word ‘terrorist’ from Assembly Speaker Vos underscores his inadequacy as leader

Name-calling is childish, especially from the mouth of a state representative

Letter to the Editor

Campus carry has been and will always be a bad idea

Legislation that allows for concealed possession of a firearm underestimates the complex nature of life at college