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‘The letter was not the end’: UW economics graduate students address sexual misconduct in letter to department

Students call on UW economics department to ‘lead by example’ amid nation-wide efforts


New season of ‘BoJack Horseman’ raises stakes, builds toward series finale

On Oct. 25, first part of 'BoJack Horseman' final season surfaced on Netflix, continuing to challenge its fans to think critically

UW-Madison Campus

Me Too movement creator Tarana Burke discusses sexual violence, community support on campus

Burke challenged UW administration to find better solutions to campus sexual violence


Women should not have to defend decisions they make about their own bodies

New allegations against Dr. John Siebert disheartening, but unfortunately, not surprising


#MeToo brought female leaders to prominence, but trend must continue

Nearly half of men fired for sexual harassment have been replaced by women, who have brought countless benefits to workplaces


Sexual assault awareness speaker explains how rape reflects whose bodies are valued in society

After expulsion from Tufts University following her assault, Wagatwe Wanjuki advocates for survivors


‘The Director’ offers firsthand account of abuse, manipulation

J.K. Stein elucidates life-changing experience in devastating story


UW Health disregards student safety through employment of John Siebert

Sexual assault is inexcusable regardless of gender, position of power or skill


In light of recent sexual assaults on campus, #MeToo, #TimesUp more important than ever

Every college student has responsibility to prevent sexual assault, support its victims

Letter to the Editor

If you’re shocked by #MeToo, you’re actively contributing to the problem

Being shocked or appalled by recent social media hashtag does nothing productive

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