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City of Madison

Dane County Regional Airport flight departures most expensive in nation

Flights around country increasing in price, including flights to, from Madison

City of Madison

Accuray’s relocation to Madison reflects growing biotech sector

Student, economist weigh in on vibrant industry

UW-Madison Campus

‘Chorus of pressure’: Washington Post opinion columnist Catherine Rampell’s rise to journalistic prominence

‘I hope my legacy is that I nudged policy in a slightly better direction – that is what I aspire to do every time I write,’ Rampell says

UW-Madison Campus

Contrary to popular belief, some basic income guarantee systems increase work effort, expert says

University of Waterloo's Chris Riddell tackles issues around labor market, social policy

Science News

Pet Finance: Putting a price tag on a dog’s life through economic modeling

Typical dog owner values their dog's life at $10,000 according to first of its kind economic analysis by UW professor


Confessions of an Econ major: I can’t count

It's the longest (e)con in history....

State of Wisconsin

Foxconn announces new partnership with Fisker, possible manufacturing in Wisconsin

'I’m very skeptical that anything comes back to Wisconsin on the deal with Fisker,' business expert at UW says


As COVID-19 crisis increases wealth gap, WI must reform social welfare programs

Relief packages do not create changes, they are just band-aids for temporary fixes

UW-Madison Campus

UW Graduate School honors 15 teaching assistants with awards

‘I hope they appreciate how much we appreciate the good work they do,’ assistant dean said, awards to honor contributions to UW


Back to basics: Would a $15 minimum wage really benefit Wisconsinites?

Evers' proposal to increase minimum wage is not all its cracked up to be

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