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Here’s what to explore during UW’s Winter Carnival this week

Ice skating, free hot chocolate, Lady Liberty, other free events last all week

City of Madison

With Omicron looming, live music venues struggle to adapt some COVID-19 protocols

Venues across Madison have worked to adapt COVID-19 protocols so concert-goers can return to stands

UW-Madison Campus

Srivastava, Shiferaw win SCO election, resurrect Pail & Shovel Party

'Once I get into office, I’m going to work on the redistribution of [Rathskeller] sauce throughout the city,' SCO vice president says


Haley Heynderickx delivers emotional performance at Rathskeller

Addison Christmas, Lily Breshears opened for Heynderickx


What’s new in November: Your guide to free events this weekend

WUD Film festival, art galleries, music concerts gallore are all within reach on campus


Palm, The Spirit of the Beehive delivers bizarrely wonderful performances at Der Rathskeller

Two bands seem to bend concept of genre altogether, bring unconventional performance to intimate crowd


Palm to bring experimental pop rock to Der Rathskeller

Art rock band offers rule-breaking alternative to formulaic verse-chorus-bridge-chorus format

Madtown Crier

Madtown Crier: Things are settling down for those dreaded finals

Quick, slip these in while we're still sane!

Madtown Crier

Madtown Crier: Catch these local events before finals arrive

Sing, dance, be merry!


Vundabar, Slow Pulp put on a show where audience, stage members intertwined

'Three more songs!'

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