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Virgin zodiacs: How you lost your virginity based on the date you lost it

For those of you who are currently virgins, consider this your horoscope 


Former UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank dies of cancer

Blank, 67, leaves profound, long-lasting legacy at UW

UW-Madison Campus

Rebecca Blank announces cancer diagnosis, steps down as president-elect of Northwestern

'This letter is among the most difficult and painful I have ever written,' Blank says in message to Northwestern community

City of Madison

Exact Sciences to invest $350 million in Madison location

Madison branch development will create jobs for all skill levels, associate director says

Science News

Medical cannabis research shows great potential but still faces barriers

'The mainstreaming of medical cannabis is going to depend a lot on state level industries’ ability to develop products that appeal to customer’s health needs,' UW professor says

UW-Madison Campus

UW PharmD students create health app, improve cancer patient care

Creators questioned effectiveness of existing similar apps, helps cancer patients track care while kick-starting company

UW-Madison Campus

‘Lucky Dog’ Scout thanks UW School of Veterinary Medicine with WeatherTech Super Bowl Commercial

'Scout’s story is amazing. There is nothing like this... certainly not for a school of medicine' UW Dean says

UW-Madison Campus

UW biomedical engineers to use modeling technology in research of ovarian cancer

Experts hope to develop a better understanding of disease, which will hopefully lead to better diagnosis

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