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Implementation of mental health days at UW could contribute to student wellbeing

To supplement systemic changes to campus mental health resources, mental health days can offer immediate support


Reboot of the Ugg boot

One fashion trend that is able to rise above, avoid typical trend cycle

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin shares opinions, approaches to key student issues

Mnookin meets with student journalists on 99th day as chancellor, discusses time in position


YikYak unveils new video sharing update

How video sharing might transform app with problematic history


In the pocket of the patriarchy: History behind the absence of pockets from traditionally female clothing

Pockets and the functionality of clothing have deep underlying political roots, tied to women's independence

City of Madison

Local bar owners, MPD beef up security measures after bar raided

Police, area bar owners say crackdown results were shocking but checks are common


Campus art feature: Freeing of the Slaves by John Steuart Curry

Check out this lesser known campus arts fixture

UW-Madison Campus

Chazen Museum patron Jerome Chazen dies Sunday at 94

Jerome Chazen's life inspires Chazen's future, Chazen Museum’s chief of staff says


Student perspective on attending college in pandemic times as UW enters its fifth COVID-19 semester

While uncertain, outlook for students appears hopeful

COVID-19, COVID19, Coronavirus, UW Madison

Maskaphobia: Ted Cruz’s battle with UW over masking reveals politician’s true fears

'He might actually have no problem with masks in the covid sense, he just freaks out when he comes in close contact with masks,' Doctor and Maskaphobia expert says

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