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Maskaphobia: Ted Cruz’s battle with UW over masking reveals politician’s true fears

'He might actually have no problem with masks in the covid sense, he just freaks out when he comes in close contact with masks,' Doctor and Maskaphobia expert says


Rats of Madison: Gordon’s employee Howard

Ratgers University alumnus dreams of Michelin-star for student-favorite dining hall

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Allen Centennial Garden adopts sustainable practices amid pandemic

Shortage of workers sparked changes to lawn, watering, among others


Unspoken phenomenon of living in college towns: ‘I haven’t seen a child in weeks’

If I am being perfectly honest, I forgot what they even looked like

UW-Madison Campus

UW in beginning stages of Library Mall redevelopment, seeking community input

'Balancing the various hopes, dreams and desires for public open spaces such as this will be a challenge but one we feel can be completed and result in an amazing new space for all to enjoy,' Director of Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture says


Lonely on V-Day? Try these campus hot spots to snag a steamy STD

Picking a campus coitus locale has never been easier


Starship delivery robots to be outfitted with new protective gear

The campus heroes will adorn camouflage, helmets and explosive reactive armor to combat the winter

UW-Madison Campus

Nicholas Recreation Center finally opens doors to students after long wait

Extra safety precautions are being taken to make sure center can stay open

UW-Madison Campus

Center for the First Year Experience creates program to help students transition to new campus environment

Returning UW students worked with new students to help them get acquainted with campus life


Six hottest quarantine places to stay when sick in Madison

Where to stay in a college town when you realize you’ve contracted a contagious virus

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