There’s simply no way around it, it’s a tough time to be a sports fan. All large gatherings necessary for professional and college sports are banned. Outside of the UFC, it seems like there is little hope that live sports will again be on the televisions of fans anytime soon. 

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Even with this being the case, we still have to get our daily fix of sports action. For those of you who may have already exhausted your supply of old highlights and classic games, sports video games have the potential to fill this gaping void. In fact, they may be even better at passing the time as they engage you in the action directly rather than simply passing you by on a screen. 

With that being said, here is our list of the top three sports video games to try out during quarantine in order to fill your need for sports content.

1. NCAA Football 14

Arguably the crown jewel of video games about sports and of video games generally, NCAA Football 14 is the last in a line of games that defined many childhoods of college football fans around the nation. Surprisingly enough, the gameplay holds up quite well, even after nearly seven years since its release. 

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If there is one problem with this game, it is how limited the access to it is. Unless you currently have a copy, as well as an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 to play it on, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny to enjoy this instant classic. The game currently retails for an astounding 160 dollars on Amazon, depending on which console you would have to purchase it for. 

For anyone who does still have access though, this game provides hours and hours of entertainment for any college football fan. Specifically, both the dynasty and road to glory modes are massive time sinks. There is still nothing like leading a team like Northern Illinois to five consecutive national titles after joining the Big Ten. 

You can even begin your career as a player in high school and try to earn a spot on the Badgers’ roster. Any way you want to play it, this game will provide a heavy sense of nostalgia for those who enjoyed it many years ago. 

2. Rocket League 

Yes, technically this is not a sports game as they are traditionally defined. It is loosely based on soccer but, for those who have never heard of it, is played with cars instead of humans. If you’re able to put realism on hold, this game is a thrilling and ultra-competitive test of anyone’s skills on the sticks. 

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If you find yourself beginning to play in ranked playlists, prepare to see the best and the worst of humanity brought out on the field. In one game to the next, you can have your own teammate relentlessly trash talk you for missing a shot or have them be an amazing person you choose to party up with and take on multiple opponents. 

Even Forward Madison FC has gotten in on the action, as they have had their own players go head-to-head online against those of other teams in their division. 

3. Wii Sports

Another classic rounds out our top three sports games to keep you entertained during what feels like a period of eternal quarantine. This one is truly the jack of all trades, as it allows you to pick any sport you would like to focus on. In few other games can you quickly switch between a heavyweight boxing match and a round of bowling all in the span of just a few minutes. 

Especially if you’re locked in with multiple people, game modes like tennis and golf provide a ton of opportunities to make this a household event. Once again, it is not the most realistic, but this game provides a more laid back experience for those who want to avoid the competitiveness of a ranked Rocket League match or a national championship matchup in NCAA 14.