Quarterback question still looms

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The minute Barry Alvarez uttered the words “Bollinger is cleared is play” following Saturday’s loss to Fresno State, the attention immediately turned toward who would start next weekend’s game against Western Kentucky.

And on Monday, with the decision still looming, the questions surrounding the depth chart at the quarterback position increased.

While Alvarez had no concrete answers as of yet, he did present a game plan for this week’s practices.

“We’ll spilt time with both of them and then we’ll make a decision later this week,” said Alvarez. “I don’t think we’re in any rush to make a decision right away.”
Before Alvarez can make his decision, Bollinger must first shake off the rust he accumulated while sitting on the sidelines with a bruised liver for the last two-and-a-half games.

“Brooks has got to work himself back into shape,” Alvarez said. “He hasn’t done a whole lot. He will need to work his arm back into shape and get his rhythm back.”
While Bollinger tries to get back into game form, his replacement Jim Sorgi will have to overcome the frustrations he suffered during the second half against Fresno State. After leading UW to a 20-10 lead in the first half, Sorgi’s offense was held scoreless for the remainder of the game.

Following Saturday’s loss Sorgi expressed concern over his inability to pull out a victory as a starter, as his record fell to 0-3 with the other two losses coming against Purdue last season and Oregon on Sept. 1. Sorgi felt that starting quarterbacks are judged on whether or not they produce wins, and that based on his losses and Bollinger’s recovery that the junior would regain his starting role next week.

While Sorgi said that his record makes him ineffective as a starter, Bollinger disagrees.
“I think [Sorgi] has done a great job,” Bollinger said. “There’s been some unfortunate breaks in those games, and we haven’t been able to win the football game, but I don’t think it’s a reflection on him.”

While Bollinger has confidence in his backup, he also expects to be the starter next weekend.
“I want to be the starter, and to my knowledge I am still the starting quarterback. No one has told me any different,” Bollinger said.

From Bollinger and Sorgi’s teammate’s perspective, it really doesn’t matter who’s in the pocket. On Monday junior receiver Lee Evans said that the offense is effective with both of the QBs and also added that even if one of the quarterbacks starts the other one will still get playing time as his backup.

But for now the decision is yet to be made, and the question remains as to who will start on Saturday.

“Whatever decision coach makes, we’ll just have to wait and see,” said Bollinger. “I’m just excited to get back in there and be able to practice and prepare for the game.”


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