Camp Randall’s turf will get makeover

· Aug 8, 2001 Tweet

Athletes and fans alike will say goodbye to Camp Randall?s artificial turf by 2004, the Associated Press reports.

In a project estimated to cost the school nearly $500,000, a grass-like substance called NeXturf, which is used at the Green Bay Packer?s training field, will be installed, the final stage of a 3-year renovation project of the historic stadium.

Al Fish, associate athletic director in charge of capital projects at UW, said the NeXturf will provide better traction and will be softer than the current artificial turf, which is known for increasing chances of injury to players.

“You could fall to your hands and knees from a standing position and it?s going to feel like soft grass in a park,” Fish said.

The school opted not to go all-out for an actual, natural grass for Camp Randall in hopes of increasing the life span of the stadium?s surface. As a host to various events ranging from concerts to college and high school sports, natural grass would soon be depleted with wear and tear.

Fish said NeXturf has a life span of seven to10 years with minimal maintenance.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report


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