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PCP: Who do you cheer for?

Adam Holt

Blood might be thicker than water, but Bourbon Street is thicker still.

Simply put, it would be a disservice to the city of New Orleans for Archie Manning not to root for the Saints. I mean, it is home, after all.


The mere fact that Archie publicly said he’s rooting for Peyton is like a knife in the back to the franchise he bled (and bled…) for during his playing days.

Forget your son, Archie; Peyton’s already got a ring.

And speaking of your son, remember how there was a question about how he couldn’t win the big game? How he was all regular season stats and not a true winner like that guy dating super models on the east coast?

It was a pretty compelling storyline back in Super Bowl XLI, when Peyton finally got the chance to prove he belonged in the “greatest quarterbacks” conversation. How could you not root for the guy who, at the time, had the single-season record for touchdown passes?

Well, that, and it was either root for Laser Rocket Arm or the Bears.

Like life or death and Chipotle or Qdoba, it was a pretty easy choice.

So, Archie, if you liked that whole spin on the game back in 2007, you can live it again in 2010. That bite-sized guy dropping back in the No. 9 jersey for the Saints happens to have a similar story. He passed for 5,069 yards a year ago — for a .500 team — and is considered a guy who isn’t quite in the elite class because he hasn’t won anything.

Now Drew Brees gets the chance to lead New Orleans to Super Bowl glory, vindicating both himself and a city, and you’re going to root for a guy so famous he does Oreo commercials?

Get your head in the game, Archie. I don’t care if you root for your son — so long as his name is Cooper. Turning your back on the Big Easy in its greatest football moment — that’s just cold.

Jordan Schelling

Rooting for New Orleans is like picking Chipotle over Qdoba, Adam. Sure, it’s a better story, but wouldn’t you rather see the best team win?

And for the record, if Mexican fast food restaurants were an athletic event, Qdoba would be the better team.

Winning championships is all about depth, and when you’ve got five burritos in your starting lineup and queso, nachos and quesadillas coming off the bench, that’s just unstoppable.

As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, the Mannings have to cheer for the Indianapolis Colts. Whether it’s Archie, Cooper or Eli, they just simply can’t turn their backs on Peyton.

If Eli did not support Peyton in his television commercial efforts, who would defeat the Donalds in the Double Stuf Racing League championships, Justin Timberlake?

Think about it this way, Adam. How would you feel if your father cheered against you in the annual Herald-Cardinal softball game this spring simply because he liked the colors of their uniforms better? Granted, that will never happen, but I’m sure you’d be devastated.

And besides, the Mannings should be used to this. Peyton and Eli have faced off in the past, and they’ve had to deal with loyalties on both sides of the ball. Just because the Mannings have been fans of New Orleans since they were “Aints” doesn’t mean they have to cheer against a member of their family.

Would you cheer for the Vikings if your cousin played for the Packers? Probably, but that’s because fans in the Upper Midwest are irrational when it comes to sports.

Cheering for their hometown Saints against Peyton may seem like a good idea since he already has a ring. But just because something seems like a good idea at the time doesn’t mean it is. Remember that the next time you’re craving a quesadilla.

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