Tony Evers has focused his career on fighting for Wisconsin students, schools and teachers. Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker have worked on behalf of corporate interests to push a right-wing agenda.

Evers will be the change Wisconsin has been looking for. He watched as the Walker administration consistently made cut after cut to Wisconsin’s schools and knew that he needed to bring his lifetime of experience as an educator to the Governor’s mansion. As governor, Evers will be an unwavering advocate for Wisconsin students. He has a proven record of fighting for better education for all Wisconsinites his entire professional life.

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Evers was elected as State Superintendent three times — a position which has given him responsibility for thousands of students and educators. Fixing our education is his first priority. He plans to increase funding for public schools, to benefit not only students but also our hardworking educators. He intends to increase investments in both our technical schools and the UW System, bringing UW back into the top five research schools in the country — a drop that occurred after Walker’s budget cuts. He will also work to allow Wisconsinites to refinance their student loans at a lower interest rate. Evers is not just talk — his experience and action as state superintendent ensure he will stand up for education by protecting the interests of Wisconsin’s students and teachers.

With the passage of Scott Walker’s disastrous Act 10 in 2011, teachers across the state watched their wages fall substantially and their median benefits decrease by 18.6 percent. This includes a reduction in pension and health insurance benefits for K-12 teachers. After the 2011-12 school year, 10.5 percent of teachers have left the profession in Wisconsin and since then the exit rate remains at an alarmingly high 8.8 percent. Where would we be in our society without public school teachers? What kind of future do we want for public school students? As governor, Evers will be committed to increasing investments into our public school system and restoring respect and professionalism towards our hardworking public school teachers.

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Evers plans to work across the partisan aisle to improve Wisconsin for everyone. He will implement a sustainable, long-term fix for how we fund our roads, increase funding for public transit which Wisconsin is in dire need of an overall investment in infrastructure to improve our state and provide new jobs.

He also will be an advocate for the environment and Wisconsin’s natural resources. Evers believes all Wisconsinites have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy all of our state’s natural beauty without pollutants from plants like Foxconn.

Walker will be remembered for enacting the largest cuts to education in our state’s history, gutting our unions, suppressing voters and for the infamous “Scottholes” littering Wisconsin roads. Evers will stand up for Wisconsin families, students and the thousands of hardworking people that move this state forward. He will look to the people of Wisconsin, not corporate interests, to make policies that will improve access to quality health care coverage and a good education. Evers will protect Wisconsin’s land and drinking water, which have been ravaged by a Walker rollback of environmental protection regulation. He has spent his entire life fighting for the future of Wisconsinites. It’s time to bring this fight where it is needed the most.

On Nov. 6, stand with students, educators, workers and Wisconsin families and vote Tony Evers for Governor.

Sam Schwab ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in political science and English. He is also the Press Secretary of the UW College Democrats.