The Republican Party, the party of conservatism, is often called a three-legged stool. The three legs holding the party together are fiscal, social and national security conservatives. All three are integral to the party’s success and all three have a strong presence in College Republicans. Whether you care about taxes, the right to life, a strong military or are just curious about what Republicans believe — we want you in our club.

Your parents (or maybe grandparents) are absolutely correct, you should care about politics. The country has not seen a time of overwhelming activism and attention to politics in many years and it’s a great time to get involved.

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Our usual line is that we don’t care whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. We just want you to be involved in CRs or Dems because it’s your civic duty to take part in our vibrant republic, an opportunity millions across the globe aren’t afforded.

To a very large extent that’s true, but let me tell you why it’s a great time to be a Republican in Wisconsin.

We have a Republican federal government with a Republican president who’s taking the fight to ISIS, rolling back a plethora of overreaching regulations and got a phenomenal Supreme Court justice confirmed.

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Speaking of that Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch and his conservative-leaning counterparts are leading the charge to bring back a prudent and originalist tone to the court. They’re fighting for religious liberty and the importance of the individual, not just the collective.

Not to mention the potential to fix numerous problems in Congress like our burdensome corporate tax code and the immigration problem our nation faces.

More locally, for the past seven years, Republicans have controlled our state government and we’ve seen the overwhelming benefits across the board. Gov. Scott Walker and state legislators have fought for the right to work, sportsman’s rights, voter ID, lower taxes and more choice in education. These conservative reforms are why companies like Foxconn are moving to the state.

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So why did Wisconsin voters vote for President Trump, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., Gov. Walker and a Republican state legislature? Because conservative reforms work!

But college students aren’t conservative and you don’t know any Republicans our age, right? Our hundreds of members strongly disagree and millennials vote contrary to that notion in Wisconsin as well! In fact, students voted for both President Trump and Senator Ron Johnson.

College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin, across Wisconsin and across the country, have played an integral role in electing conservatives and promoting conservative policies. Here at UW, our members get to hear from members of Congress, our governor and our state legislators on a regular basis at our meetings.

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Volunteering with the Republican Party of Wisconsin and interning in Republican offices across Wisconsin and in Washington put our members at the forefront of politics. There is no better place to get real world political experience than in College Republicans.

As a senior and a four-year member of our executive board, I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact that College Republicans has had on my experience at UW. I encourage you to go to a CRs or Dems meeting and talk to the upperclassmen about their experiences in our orgs. They’ll tell you about their lifelong friends, internships and the incredible events we have every semester.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in Wisconsin politics. After all, you do live in the capital of the great state of Wisconsin. Find our tables at the Org Fair or attend our first meeting. Come join the best party on campus and become a part of the movement to keep Wisconsin red!

Jake Lubenow ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in political science and finance. He is the chairman of the UW College Republicans.