It’s finally here — Tax Day 2014, easily one of the most dreaded days of the year. However, some good does come out of it, in the form of the beloved tax refund. Acting under the assumption that your tax refund is at least $200, here are 15 things to blow your hard-earned tax refund on.

1. Asian Kitchen — seven days a week for the rest of the semester

2. Hoofer’s summer sailing club membership 

3. 40 tickets to Revelry

4. Paid advertising in The Badger Herald

5. Multiple copies of the blu-ray version of Frozen 

6. Nic Cage memorabilia

7. Six pairs of of knock-off salmon shorts from Target or three pairs of the real thing.

8. Badger Bus trip to a destination less than 300 miles away … and with the remaining funds, you may even be able to purchase a hotel room

9. One textbook for a class you’re enrolled in next semester, including the access code you have to get but will never use

10. Are you graduating in May? You can donate your tax refund to the Wisconsin Alumni Association, which is already asking you for money even though you’re still enrolled here as a full-time student

11. One really nice keg of beer for your next porch party

12. Get a mumps vaccination

13. Purchasing all the extra on-sale Easter candy at Walgreens following 4/20

14. Season football tickets — if the system doesn’t crash on you

15. A one-way plane ticket to a place where it doesn’t snow in April

[Photo via images_of_money/Flickr]