As a student, I understand the concern about finding a job after college. It’s something that any college student would worry about from time to time.

Where am I going to work? Who will I work for? Will I be able to find a job? All of these questions are common and natural among upcoming graduates.

The good news is that students in Wisconsin can worry a little less.

Since taking office, Gov. Scott Walker, along with Republicans in the Senate and Assembly, have worked to create more economic prosperity for everyone in the state, including college students, so that we may have the opportunity to find a job after graduation.

Walker’s policies have produced a bottom-up approach to foster economic growth, sending more money back to the hardworking people across the state so that they can grow the economy naturally and organically! This fresh approach gives students at two-year and four-year colleges the opportunities to pursue their careers right here in Wisconsin.

Over the past four years, Wisconsin has added more than 100,000 new jobs and 17,000 new businesses, and employer confidence has skyrocketed to 95 percent. That’s good news for those looking for work. In contrast, four years ago, employer confidence sat at a horrible 10 percent. As soon as it’s our time to graduate, we can be more secure in our chances of finding a job when employers are more confident.

In his latest budget, Walker signed a two-year tuition freeze on the entire UW System for the first time in its history. Keeping more money in the hands of students will relieve some of the burdens created by student loans, books and other academic costs.

Walker, the Republican Legislature and College Republicans understand that our generation is one that rejects a top down, one size fits all approach. It is a generation that has best utilized our abilities in an environment where natural and organic engagement with the world around us leads to thriving, new ideas. A liberal platform that preaches a one size fits all approach undermines the innovators, entrepreneurs and dreamers of today.

Walker and our elected officials are moving Wisconsin forward and are fighting to provide our generation with the best future possible. They’ve supported us over the past four years; it’s time we support them in the November election!

Matthew Walker is the chairman of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans. This article was submitted on his behalf by Jesse Dougherty ([email protected]), the press secretary for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.