Feminists of Madison dressed up like suffragettes and gleefully renewed their fight against the oppressive patriarchy today upon hearing the city is reportedly one of the best cities for feminists across the country, according to a national real estate site.

Madison made the top 11 list due to its opportunities for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to make a good living, the University of Wisconsin’s multitude of academic forums, including the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, and efforts made by Wisconsin women in government. Other cities that made the cut, like Wisconsin’s capital city, generally also encourage criticism of the reinforcement of gender norms, embolden open dialogue and bolster efforts to prevent the glass ceiling from keeping women down.

As a strong supporter of the modern day women’s movement and feeling glorious affirmation about my feminist views, I plan on spending the evening in celebration, reading The Feminine Mystique and fantasizing about dismantling our current patriarchal society. Down with sexism!