A hypocritical group of Twitter vigilantes are on a mission to clog @UWMadison’s Twitter feed today in an attempt to punish the university for advertising its annual Fill the Bowl women’s hockey promotion on renowned asshole Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

The ad, which ran on Rush Limbaugh’s program Thursday, would likely have not been scrutinized if not for its unfortunate program placement. Instead, it has succeeded in bringing the crazies out of the woodwork.


Posted by Daily Kos user ProgLegs, this “Twitter blitzkrieg” calls for commandeering the university’s #FillTheBowl hashtag. It’s not the first time this group has organized a social media takeover, with companies like 1-800-Flowers, Captain Morgan and Quicken Loans being some of the most recent targets over the last few months.

I guess people need a way to spend their Saturday night, but it’s unfortunate that the University of Wisconsin is the target of this small group’s misguided efforts today.

While Rush Limbaugh’s views may be deplorable, these trolls’ behavior is worse. Students looking to support their hockey team have nothing to do with the university’s advertising policy and should be allowed the pleasure of enjoying the event without this Twitter ranting.

There’s a time and place to question the university’s policies on advertising. But appropriating a student event hashtag is not one of them.

The game tonight will likely be the only played this season in front of a sold-out crowd; it’s a unique experience both for those students playing and attending. Every one of them is excited to cheer the Badger women’s hockey to victory against noted safety school Minnesota, and I’m sure few care about this inane little Twitter project.

In an email to The Badger Herald, Twitter user @proglegs claims the goal of their project “is to promote civility on the public airwaves by removing support for bigotry.” Unfortunately, trolling a school spirit hashtag isn’t going to win over any sympathy from students.

Instead, it will just add to the bigotry.

So please, Twitter trolls, go home.