Hey readers, Charles here. I’ll be editing opinions, Editorial Board-ing it up and writing a column or two this semester. It’s exciting to get back to the office, dust off the old laptop and start making newspapers this spring.

When I’m not checking for AP Style, ranting about the latest and greatest outrage at the Capitol and digging through the news for a column, I’m likely to be found in the Physics Club room brewing coffee and drawing on the chalkboard, playing blues guitar on my front stoop or jogging by the lake. In my spare time I go canoeing and backpacking, play pond hockey and watch BBC’s Sherlock.

A lot goes on in this city; there’s never a shortage of news and rarely a lack of news that strikes close to home on contentious issues. For me, the Editorial Board is a venue to scrutinize, criticize, commend, rant and rave about the latest and greatest in Madison’s goings on.