With the Democratic primaries for the recall election at hand, it is more important than ever for students to educate themselves and vote.

Non-partisan organizations are set up to facilitate voting and offer valuable support. Groups like Madison Student Vote Coalition exist to get more students interested in the electoral process and can make sure you are registered correctly.

Make sure you are prepared to vote today. If you need to find out where to vote, go to vpa.wi.gov, and you can learn about the candidates at wisconsinvote.org. It’s also important to know you do not need a form of voter identification to vote today.

Furthermore, have your affairs in order this summer for the gubernatorial recall election. If you need an absentee ballot, visit cityofmadison.com.

It is a rare occurrence that state politics are so evenly divided. With the polls tied up, it is crucial that students are informed in their voting. The upcoming recall election is of historical significance, so make sure you go vote today and on June 5.