Gov. Evers modified the Safer at Home order issued Monday so that some non-essential businesses, specifically those that can service or care for goods and animals, will be allowed to open effective Wednesday. 

Evers extends Safer at Home order until May 26Gov. Tony Evers extended the ‘Safer at Home’ order until May 26 or until a suspending order is issued. The Read…

This order will support the opening of pet groomers, upholstery businesses and small engine repair shops and opens recreational renters of golf carts, kayaks and boats.

“We believe that these activities that we’ve talked about are kind of one-off issues, where a single person or single consumer is interacting with a single provider of services,” Gov. Evers said to the Wisconsin State Journal. “There are enough control factors involved that we believe that it’s a safe expansion going forward.”

Emergency Order #34, which was updated to comply with these new modifications, was dubbed ‘Interim Order to Turn the Dial.’ Evers said, earlier this week to Channel 3000, that the new effect aims to “turn the dial a notch” on what non-essential businesses were previously able to do. 

Dane County attorneys to file briefs in support of Evers’ Safer at Home orderDane County Attorneys are filing a supportive brief in the pending case over the extension of Gov. Evers’ Safer at Read…

As some buildings begin to reopen, Public Health of Madison & Dane County is warning business owners about the potential dangers of stagnant water within the closed down buildings of the city, according to a press release from the City of Madison.

“Water in plumbing that has been sitting stagnant for weeks could be a breeding ground for bacteria and potential pathogens like Legionella,” the press release said. 

The PHMDC has composed a guide for businesses that are reopening due to Emergency Order #34 so they can do so safely. The guide recommends that businesses flush the entire building and the water system, including all water-using appliances such as ice machines, dishwashers and sink faucets. 

The Safer at Home order is effective until May 26.