The senior adviser of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign told students to use their voices and encourage others to vote for Trump on Thursday night.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a former Fox News host, former head of a pro-Trump super PAC and prosecutor. Guilfoyle spoke during a College Republicans meeting. Students and community members attended the event. 

Guilfoyle said she has known Trump for about 13 years and knew he would shake things up.

Guilfoyle said the unemployment rate has been historically low, at 3.7%. In 2017, Wisconsin ranked the second highest in the country for the number of manufacturing jobs added per year and Wisconsin gained 34,000 since September 2016. A lot of women were employed under Trump’s economy, Guilfoyle said.

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“Don’t try to say the president doesn’t lift women up,” Guilfoyle said.

Guilfoyle said the president stands for America first, not China or any other country.

Trump advocated for the right to secure borders, because our open borders bring in drugs and sex trafficking.

Guilfoyle said Democrats want people to think they are dependent on the government, especially economically. She rejected this and called it socialism. She said leftists define people by categories, and a leftist might define her as a woman or a minority. 

“I’m an American and I’m proud to be here,” Guilfoyle said.

Guilfoyle said Democrats advocate for higher taxes, while Trump advocates for more discretionary spending in our pockets. 

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Students need to get involved and make it count, Guilfoyle said. Every voice and every vote counts. Students and community members can help the campaign by going out, talking about the facts and talk in front of groups, she said.

“It’s an incredible process to be a part of something you believe in,” Guilfoyle said.

Guilfoyle said she campaigns on college campuses, regardless of what political party the college is associated with, to open their minds, educate and inform them. 

“Trump stands for our flag, our national anthem, our veterans, our jobs,” Guilfoyle said. “America will never be a socialist country if Trump is elected in 2020.”