Student Services Finance Committee brought budget decisions for the Adventure Learning Programs, Supporting Peers in Laidback Listening and Student Veterans of America Thursday night. They also heard a budget presentation from Badger Catholic.

SVA’s budget was debated for the longest, continuing last meeting’s discussion on the organizations’ inability to use their full budget after SVA returned over 60 percent the previous year. The organization had been unable to secure an authorized sender, which meant their assets were frozen.

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Rep. Cooper Beckwith echoed concerns from several SSFC members about SVA’s organizational issues and inability to use their funding, but also raised points about their spending in years prior to 2018, which had been more efficient.

“They really hadn’t been able to do much this year. I think they have a lot of organizational issues right now, and obviously I want to see this organization thrive, but I think in the next few years they’re going to have to scale back,” Beckwith said.

SSFC decreased SVA’s advertising budget, telephone budget, the salaries of their outreach coordinator and executive directors, and their conference budget. The vote on the conference budget initiated a long debate, with members asking how necessary visiting a conference is for an organization to learn how to function better. Eventually, they voted to completely remove SVA’s conference spending.

Overall, SVA’s budget of $21,329 passed 4-1, with six abstaining.

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SSFC finalized their debate on SPILL’s budget with a discussion on the importance of advertising to an organization like SPILL. Beckwith said SPILL’s advertising campaign seemed effective, as it used items like stress balls and stickers to tie into their mission of mental health support.

Rep. Henry Galles voiced his support as well.

“I feel very confident that the money we are giving to SPILL is going to be positive and very effective,” Galles said. “I think they are really maximizing their bang for their buck and I’m really happy.”

SPILL’s $50,418 fiscal year budget passed 9-0 with two abstaining members.

SSFC also confirmed ALPs’ budget of $183,123.63 with a 6-0 vote. Four members abstained.

Badger Catholic President Raina Richardson and Treasurer Erin Daehn gave their budget presentation as well. Out of the $108,855 they were granted last fiscal year, they spent $79,085.05. The main reason they underspent was because of salaries, which the presenters attributed to poor communication within their organizational hierarchy, especially between their peer mentors and the executive board. But they remained optimistic that their communication disparities were in the past.

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“We’re on track to serve more students this year,” Daehn said.

Badger Catholic’s budget will be discussed and confirmed at the next meeting of SSFC on Monday.