Leadership organization focused on team building workshops receives SSFC eligibility hearing

SSFC granted eligibility to Sex Out Loud, GUTS

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SSFC deliberates issues

Student Services Finance Committee deliberates issues

Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to discuss eligibility for Adventure Learning Programs, a leadership organization designed to challenge people through adventure based activities and through adventure based learning.

ALPs co-student directors Elizabeth Hayes and Cooper Beckwith said one of the goals of the team building workshops is to encourage people to discover themselves and understand those around them. ALPs also looks to provide the most “effective experience” for its participants.

“Adventure learning is a type of experiential education, which is also known as learning by doing,” Hayes said.  

Beckwith said 87 percent of beneficiaries are University of Wisconsin students. Hayes explained if 75 percent of a group is UW students, then there is no fee and the group doesn’t have to pay to participate. If the group is less than 75 percent of UW students, then the group has to pay for the workshop.

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Multiple SSFC representatives raised concerns with UW students paying extra, or nonstudents being covered by segregated fees.

Rep. Zaakir Abdul-Wahid asked how students would know if they’re supposed to pay or not.

“If a bunch of different students and nonstudents sign up, is there more a concise way to let students know in advance that if you do this program you might have to have to pay in addition to the segregated fees,” Abdul-Wahid said.

But Beckwith said ALPs has never seen a situation where it’s been a mix of students and nonstudents.

Typically, the organization’s groups are either 100 percent students or 0 percent students, Beckwith said.

“We don’t typically have groups where it’s a few students here and a few members of the Madison community,” Beckwith said.

Rep. Jeremy Swanson, and others, raised the concern that the numbers presented by ALPs during the presentation were not matching up with the numbers they provided in their student served tracking form.

The eligibility for ALPs will be decided during a later meeting.

SSFC also voted to extend eligibility for Greater University Student Services in a 10-0-1 vote and for Sex Out Loud in a 9-0-2 vote.

The finance committee will reconvene Monday.


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