State Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, announced her political campaign against Democrat Tammy Baldwin for the United States Senate Thursday.

She made her campaign announcement public in a campaign video with promises of making change in government.

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Vukmir started her political career after she noticed inconsistencies in her daughter’s schooling system.

In response, she formed a coalition consisting of a small group of parents to make changes in education which led her to politics.

“We’ve given a voice to people who thought their elected officials weren’t listening,” Vukmir said.

She extended her political influence beyond her residential town, Waukesha, to Madison but her conservative views were met with controversy. Vukmir was told she would not go far as a conservative.

“I ran for office because I realized that if you want to make change you have to stand up and lead, “ Vukmir said.

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In her video, Vukmir explained her support for education and the military. She said growing up the “Wisconsin Way” formed her ideals and work ethic.

“I’ve never given up on anything that I’ve fought for. It’s not just the Wisconsin way to not give up. It’s the American way,” Vukmir said. “We can change Washington and that’s why I’m running.”

Based on her followers’ feedback, Vukmir said she believes Wisconsin needs a change and she is ready to work for what it will take. Vukmir believes the place to start is leadership in Washington and thinks a conservative can set the right pace for politics.

Republican financial backers, Diane Hendricks and Kohler, have decided to support Vukmir according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Their support will help Vukmir fight against Kevin Nicholson, Vukmir’s opponent.

“Wisconsin needs a voice for the Wisconsin Way. It’s that simple,” Vukmir said.