Student Services Finance Committee amended both of the proposed budgets of the Muslim Student Association and of the Student Leadership Program for the fiscal year of 2018 during Monday night’s weekly meeting.

The MSA requested $27,141 and the SLP requested $56,920 in funds from SSFC during last Thursday’s meeting.

The body amended SLP’s budget to $54,820. The budget request reflects a decrease of about $1,000 from their approved budget for the upcoming fiscal year of 2017.

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This is the first year MSA has been approved for eligibility for funding through SSFC. Several SSFC members expressed concern that MSA not overspend given it is their first year being introduced to SSFC systems and processes.

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Members proposed reducing their budget by $1,000 to ensure fiscal responsibility. In the end, SSFC amended the budget to $25,674.

SSFC also heard the Greater University Tutoring Service budget request of $141,514 for the fiscal year of 2018. This reflects an almost $8,000 decrease from GUTS’ approved budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

GUTS attributes this decrease to their new live budget, which tracks their expenses in real time, ensuring that they do not waste money or overspend.

GUTS provides students free tutorial services and academic support assistance. Students can also volunteer as peer-tutors through GUTS.

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SSFC will either approve or amend GUTS proposed budget during their meeting next Monday, though they expressed no points of debate.

SSFC briefly debated whether they should hold a referendum on the impeachment of Rep. Zachary Pravato and Rep. Tyriek Mack. SSFC voted to save the referendum for their next meeting as both representatives were not in attendance. The body had previously held a referendum on Mack’s impeachment, which was due to poor attendance.