A sexual assault reportedly occurred at a Langdon Street fraternity house Sept. 3 at around 12 a.m., according to a University of Wisconsin Police Department crime warning issued Thursday.

The crime warning states that the sexual assault was reported to a Campus Security Authority, which are staff, faculty and students who are required under the Clery Act to “forward reports of crimes to designated offices on campus.”

The crime warning also states that the victim may have been drugged.

Because Campus Security Authorities are not part of a law enforcement unit, police are not currently investigating the case, UWPD spokesperson Marc Lovicott said.

If the victim did decide to approach law enforcement, Lovicott said Madison Police Department would investigate since the reported assault occurred off-campus.

UW provides a range of resources to individuals who have experienced sexual assault, Lovicott said, and UW’s number one goal is to make sure the victim is okay.

“We hope they’ll accept those resources,” Lovicott said. “We hope they’ll eventually decide to come to the police and report what happened, but everybody chooses a little differently how they want to approach this horrific crime happening to them.”