University Health Services’ two-year plan and budget proposal, which will increase student health fees per semester from $167.28 to $212.26, was approved by a student government committee Monday.

The Student Services Finance Committee agreed mental health and sexual assault services were important enough to approve the increase in price.

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University of Wisconsin Recreational Sports presented its upcoming 2016 agenda and budget proposal with provisions to prepare for upcoming SERF, Natatorium and Nielsen Tennis Stadium renovations.

The budget presentation focused on first-year preparations for new Rec Sports workout facilities under the Master Plan. Student fees primarily fund the plan, UW Rec Sports Director John Horn said.

Rec Sports requested a $1.85 increase in student segregated fees to raise student worker wages to $9 per hour.

When the Master Plan was approved in the spring of 2014 referendum, student segregated fees increased by $8.00 to fund phase one, Horn said.

With the additional $1.85, every student would pay $57.55 per semester to use any Rec Sports facilities or programs, Horn said.

He said they want to maintain these facilities with alternative revenues outside of student fees in the years to come.

“We are building for sustainability and durability, that’s one of our common themes with the architecture and engineer committee,” Horn said. “We are talking about 50-year facilities. We do not want to have another SERF on our hands where 35 years after its construction we are knocking it down.”

If the budget is approved, UW’s Rec Sports will still have the second lowest segregated fees compared to other Big Ten schools, Horn said.

“We are projected to get $4,419,000 in terms of segregated fee revenue, and the money is going back to every single student,” he said.

$799,000 would go toward the Master Plan while $3,620,000 would be used for operations, Horn said. There might be future operational fee increases to ensure new facilities are maintained and operated properly, he said.

The new SERF is scheduled to open in 2019 and the new Natatorium is scheduled to open in 2121.

SSFC will decide whether they will approve Rec Sports’ proposed budget during their next meeting Thursday.