JAKE NAUGHTON/Herald photo

Because the Sunroom Cafe and Mickies Dairy Bar are practically on campus, few students stray very far from home when going out for breakfast. However, Lazy Jane's Cafe and Bakery (across the street from the Willy Street Co-op) is a good example of why the occasional break from the campus-centric breakfast dining scene is a very bright idea.

In addition to the usual breakfast entrees like omelets, pancakes and the common triumvirate of soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch, Lazy Jane's offers unique specialties, like their breakfast BLT, as well as a wide variety of baked goods. The bakery's rich scones have a pleasant crumbly texture, and none of the bothersome dryness one finds in a supermarket scone. The scones make a perfect partner to a nice cup of tea, and at under $2 a pop, these dearies are a must-consume on any trip to the cafe.

Even if scones are not your cup of tea (pun heartily intended), the atmosphere at Lazy Jane's is worth the trip. Like pretty much any other establishment on Willy Street, it has an ambience that can only be described as "funky." As a converted house, it consists of two floors, with the majority of the seating upstairs. Diners order at the counter, grab silverware and a table or a couch, and have their orders called out to them by loud, but friendly, employees who are audible even from the upstairs section of the cafe.

After enjoying a hot beverage and some nice breakfast or lunch fare, diners can meander across the restaurant's homey wood floors to the bins of Beanie Babies in the corner on the second floor. That's right: Beanie Babies.

Lazy Jane's may not be the most upscale dining experience, but eating there is certain to make you happy. If scones and stuffed animals can't do that, nothing can.