With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone’s either loving it or dreading it. But let’s be honest, most of us are dreading it, and yet the groans and eye roles won’t save us from the date.

So, how do we bear through it? Well, the Herald has a few options. Whether you’re in one of those “commitments,” tip-toeing around it or desperate to get in, we’ve created a list of activities suitable for any Valentine.

So sit back, gorge some chocolate, and let us give you something wacky to do on V-Day.

Take a tour of Triangle Market! (free!)

Whether you’re in a love triangle or your relationship status is simply confusing, visiting the Triangle Market will certainly be symbolic of you and your date’s feels for each other.

The self-proclaimed “World Famous” Triangle Market is an absolute staple of Madison culture. Sure, you’ve passed it while walking down State — you may have even bought rolling papers or a bag of chips from the locale — but have you ever taken advantage of the “Tours Daily” sign painted on the building?

Nothing screams “date night” quite like a little peek of a baby blue, phallic building.

What’s more, Triangle can really add a bit of mystery to your V-Day. You’ll enter the date wondering, “What are we getting a tour of exactly?” and you’ll probably leave asking the same exact question.

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Rock Climbing at the Sett ($5.65 per student + 3.65 for shoes)

Sweat out your ‘Tines-Day worries with a session of rock climbing at the Sett. The cheap student price is perfect for those on a budget, and it’s a great activity to do with someone or no one.

You can compete with your S.O. in a race to the top or just have a good time testing your own limits. Wherever you land in your relationship status, all that matters in climbing is to not hit the ground.

And if you’re not into rock climbing, get off Reddit and go to the gym.

Datamatch (free … with the risk of losing dignity)

Alone this Valentine’s Day? Take control of your destiny and sign up for Datamatch! This isn’t necessarily a date idea, rather an opportunity to have a spontaneous get-together with an absolute stranger … like tinder, but much sadder.

Find out what you value in a partner after answering quirky, clever questions such as, “What campus building do you find most sexually appealing?” Choose wisely!

You wouldn’t want to be with someone who is attracted to the “sleek, modern and sexy Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Building.”

We promise the survey is very Gen X-rel and you won’t feel kind of bad about yourself after signing up! 

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Walk on Lake Mendota (free)

Nothing screams “I’m single and proud of it” louder than standing on a frozen lake, screaming.

Spirits of the Capitol Square Ghost Walk ($20) 

What better way to woo your S.O. than with a spooky ghost tour of Madison? This walk is a perfect way for you and your boo to connect on a spiritual level.

State Street Ghost Walk researches all of their stories to give its customers an authentic and eerie scare. The tour guides are also friendly and well-reviewed.

And who knows — maybe human love isn’t your thing and you’ll find the one on your tour. You can’t be ghosted by a ghost, right?

Karaoke Bar

If you truly want to learn anything about your lover this Valentine’s Day, go to Karaoke Bar. If you go at just the right time, you’ll wait in line behind 10 other couples who want to wail “Shallow” off-key.

It’s all worth the wait when you can finally show your person that you were born for the spotlight. Be careful, though.

If your partner is a timid loser, they might be a bad sport about you hogging the microphone and enacting the more vivid parts of “Baby Got Back.” Trust your instincts, eat your heart out.

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Ice Skating at the Shell

This late-night date is ideal for those who don’t want to be exclusive yet. It easily communicates that you’re cold-hearted and semi-athletic, but at times vulnerable and potentially anemic?

The best part of this date is you needn’t skate in tow with your date. Either skate ten feet in front of them to establish your dominance or skate ten feet behind them to laugh at them when they ultimately and embarrassingly fall. 

These are a few of the many out-of-the-box options to be with, or without your Valentine. And if you don’t have a date, maybe you’ll find one. You’ve got a better chance going out than if you stay sulking at home. 

I mean, come on. Maybe you’ll find someone as special as you when you’re out on Mendota.