October is here and it is officially pumpkin season!

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone wants to know the hottest new pumpkin trends, so here are a few fun things to do with your pumpkin this fall.


Wrinkles are tough to get out. Those fall shirts you’re busting out need a tad of a touch up. Perhaps a pumpkin in the laundry room can help brighten the mood while one sears their fingers using a 201 degree piece of metal. Nothing screams pumpkin spice season like a wrinkle-less shirt. Impress your peers, your friends, a local co-op house, the mail clerk.


Destroying it in the name of good comedy

Because this is the year 1985 and everybody thinks this is hilarious, get on a stage somewhere and destroy your pumpkin how you deem necessary. Any means of destruction will do, this is comedy so have fun!



Upcycling is the best trend these days. See that pumpkin? It could be a shoe. You should use it as a new shoe. Or a vase. Do it.


Reminding yourself you’re a 90s kid

Go ahead and admit it. With Pokémon Go being the summer’s only trend (next to heartbreak), you’d want to sketch a carving of Pika-rodent or Chair-zard into your hometown’s favorite legume. Why stop there? Why not dress yourself in pastels and wear a diaper? Switch from wi-fi to dial up. Living in the 90s never gets old. You do, however.


A pumpkin punch bowl

A punch bowl is a large bowl, often large and wide, in which the drink “punch” is served. A pumpkin punch bowl is also a large bowl, often large and wide, in which the drink “punch” is served.



Your mother is right. You can’t be a bad-ass while having indigestion. Try to incorporate some pumpkin into your diet for some extra fiber and vitamins. Maybe then you won’t be such a nerd who has the social skills of a emu.