Reel Sounds: Rich the Kid’s ‘Plug Walk’ creates hilarious Breaking Bad adaptation

Unlikely friendship between rapper, alien drug suppliers in desert makes for entertaining video


Hitlist: Soundtrack for your International Women’s Day

Music to remind you just how powerful women really are — featuring Joyce Wrice, Alicia Keys, Jazmine Sullivan


Hard truths of dating: What college women should know

Laura J. Wellington's book explains harsh realities of romance


2 Chainz releases typical trap music, nothing too exciting on latest EP

Each track is pretty decent, but not groundbreaking enough to leave huge impression as standouts


Hitlist: Dreaming of Darty SZN

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Tyler the Creator, Vince Staples to bring energy, careless atmosphere to Alliant Energy Center

Tyler’s ‘Flowerboy’ tour to inspire, spark joy in concert goers with unique style, eccentric personality that’s weird in best way


Two UW students brought conversation of consent to forefront with Consent Hearts Snapchat filter

Discussing consent remains nuanced, complicated, but needs to be normalized


Charting artist SoMo to bring innovative pop, authentic R&B melodies to Majestic for ‘The Reservations Tour’

Vocalists draws inspiration from '90s legends, currently charting pop peers

Reel Sounds

Reel Sounds: Maroon 5’s ‘Wait’ video displays images of heart break, abuse with hallucinatory visual effects

Song lacks originality, distinction, yet video is still somewhat visually appealing


ZZ Ward brought mixture of sweet, badass folk harmonies to Majestic

Undeniable rhythm, splendid voice left concert goers in awe, dancing to contagious melodies