MisterWives brought positivity, fun, energetic performance to Majestic Theatre

Chemistry between band members key to groups success


Hitlist: Summer Vibes to get you through finals

Kehlani, Cardi B, Khalid tracks to uplift spirits during time off from course work


Bingelist: Shows to watch during exam study breaks

Netflix can offer outlet for students to unload stress during exam time with endless series options


‘A Quiet Place’ creates tension, exhilarating experience for horror genre fans

Krasinski executed professional level directing skills, fascinating script, emotive acting in latest film


The Weeknd’s ‘My Dearest Melancholy’ not worth hype, fails to demonstrate full potential

Depressing melodies start to fuse together, not an emotionally healing collection of songs as expected


John Krasinski talks new horror film ‘A Quiet Place’

With cast including wife Emily Blunt, movie capitalizes on greatest fears of parents


Hitlist: Relaxing Spring Break jams

Jhené Aiko, Bruno Major, Elijah Blake combine to create grouping of songs that will calm nerves, relax students after exams


Reel Sounds: Rich the Kid’s ‘Plug Walk’ creates hilarious Breaking Bad adaptation

Unlikely friendship between rapper, alien drug suppliers in desert makes for entertaining video


Hitlist: Soundtrack for your International Women’s Day

Music to remind you just how powerful women really are — featuring Joyce Wrice, Alicia Keys, Jazmine Sullivan


Hard truths of dating: What college women should know

Laura J. Wellington's book explains harsh realities of romance

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