Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: You’re not alone, most of us are swamped

Turning to your peers rather than turning inwards could combat the isolation of stress


‘Digital Disconnect’ examines the intersection of the internet and democracy

'Film shows how the internet started as a government project in 1960s, has since been undermined by growth of capitalism


Free events to free you from monotony this weekend

Take a break from studying, try something new for free


LUNAfest shows series of films celebrating women

Featured films were created by women with goals of empowerment, greater awareness


Northwestern professor discusses artistic expressions of activism at UW event

Marcela A. Fuentes categorized the Argentinian movement for abortion rights into three key categories


Mighty Con participants parade their expressive costumes at Monona Terrace

Comic book convention welcomes comic book vendors, costume enthusiasts to engage with the world they love


Aa Dekhen Zara brings collegiate Bollywood dance, bhangra to Overture Center

Student-produced dance competition attracts talents from across nation


Spanish musical ambassadors stun Shannon Hall with sonic masterclass

Cuarteto Casals string quartet display technical ability across wide scope of music


UW’s Pitches and Notes advance to a cappella contest regional semifinals

In historic result, all-female UW group tied for second place, sending them, two other midwest teams to Chicago


UW alum’s comedy documentary searches for humor in world’s most dangerous places

Aaron Ohlmann helps tell stories of humor in war zones in the face of tragedy