There is no shortage of great horror movies to watch on Halloween. We all have our favorites, but there are also a ton of horror movies that you may not have seen. With that being said, here are some movies you cannot miss. Be warned, these movies will stick with you long after the day is over.

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“Halloween” (1978)

This is an obvious choice and should be your first watch today. John Carpenter’s timeless slasher masterpiece is ­the only film on the list set during Halloween.

The opening credits start with the iconic Halloween theme, one of the most haunting songs of all time. Part of what makes the movie so terrifying is the unassuming suburban landscape; there is a sense of familiarity that comes with it.

It is Carpenter’s direction, however, that makes this one of the scariest films of all time. Carpenter does such an amazing job of using shadows and staging to build a sense of terror.

You know the infamous villain Michael Myers is in the house, but where? You have seen the iconic white mask, but now it is time to see where it all started.

“Lake Mungo” (2008)

“Lake Mungo” is a fairly unknown film that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Like the “Blair Witch Project,” this is a found footage-documentary style movie which makes it so eerie.

Unlike most modern movies, this film does not rely on cheap jump scares, but uses creative cinematography to mess with the audience’s head. There are times where director Joel Anderson lingers on a shot, forcing the audience pay attention to every detail.

After a while, you realize something disturbing in the background that has been there all along. Some have said it is the scariest movie of all time. My advice: watch it with your lights on.

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“Hush” (2016)

This is the most recent film on the list, and you can stream it on Netflix. The movie follows Maddie, a mute and deaf writer, who is stalked by a masked killer outside her home. Director Mike Flanagan is one of the premier horror filmmakers working today.

Other films of his include “Oculus,” “Gerald’s Game” and “Doctor Sleep” which will be in theaters next week. The movie does such a good job of setting up the stalker as a menacing force.

It also does a fantastic job of subverting your expectations throughout the mere 86-minute run time. Be sure to check out this movie, you will not be disappointed.