Vocalist and rapper Lizzo graced the stage of Shannon Hall Saturday night to both debut new songs and showcase beloved fan favorites.

Before Lizzo came on stage, DJ Sophia Eris acted as emcee and warmed up the audience through renditions of hits like Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” and Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO TOUR Llif3.” Eris raised high energy throughout the crowd through any means necessary — including running all around the stage and dancing on top of her DJ table.

After Eris’ electric performance, fans waited eagerly for Lizzo through a 15-minute lapse, and even began chanting her name — evidence of their anticipation and impatient excitement.

Once Lizzo took the stage, all attention was immediately on her. She sported a black leotard, fuzzy red sweater and tights in a look that was equal parts daring and fashion forward — matching her black leotard-clad backup dancers. In true Lizzo fashion, she made everyone “Worship” her.

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From the start, Lizzo seemed to absorb the audience’s adoring screams, as she beamed and glowed brighter with each song. She maintained an open dialogue with the audience, continuously asking which songs she should play next just to hear the audience scream their replies.

Through live performances of her songs “Good As Hell,” “Phone” and “Coconut Oil,” Lizzo showed off not only her outstanding set of pipes, but also her ability to make just about anyone get up and shake it.

Lizzo focused greatly on connecting with her audience through interactive dialogue and physically engaging with fans. At one point in her show, Lizzo brought three fans on stage for an extended dance break — putting the spotlight on her followers.

Lizzo not only maintained but amplified the energy built up by Eris until the entire crowd was dancing, sweating and eagerly pushing close up to the stage. Despite the somewhat awkward set-up of Shannon Hall — a traditional theatre filled with mostly seats and little room near the stage — Lizzo’s fans refused to let anything prevent them from hugging the stage.

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The songwriter even performed an unreleased song, which left the crowd feeling both awed and honored. Lizzo opened up about how the song was much more vulnerable than many of her pasts works, but that there is sometimes “strength in vulnerability.”

All of Lizzo’s movements on stage showed unapologetic confidence and self-love that was infectious. Only one word can describe the way I felt after leaving her show: empowered.