Last week, we looked into the digital gaming stores of various consoles, including an overview of their functions, key features and selections of exclusive downloadable games to check out on each system. Today’s our last day, and to finish it all off, we’re going to look at a bit of an undervalued gaming store, the App Store.


There are several ways to discuss the Apple Store when viewing on a desktop computer, but when it comes to games everything is just cluttered. The store offers a list of new releases and top downloaded apps, but in general, these are nothing worth even looking at, as anyone can publish an app for iOS. That simple fact makes finding the good games a whole lot harder, meaning if you really want to explore the app store, you’re probably going to want to have already done your research or have a tab at the ready to research anything that might catch your eye. You can be sure that there are most definitely good games in the store. It’s just a real pain to navigate the store to find them. Personally, I suggest keeping an eye on the “Indie” section as well as “Editors’ Choice.”

All the same rules apply for the mobile version of the store, except in this case you’re dealing with a smaller screen that doesn’t show nearly as much, making finding anything even more of a drag.

10 Apple Store Games to check out

“Device 6” (iOS)

“Device 6” is hard to explain if you’ve never played it, but it’s the type of game that just wouldn’t work on anything other than a smartphone or tablet. “Device 6” is an interactive story, complete with puzzles so complex that you might find yourself with a wall covered in strings and pins trying to make all the connections. Though for your sake, I sure hope not. Add in a James Bond aesthetic and a jazzy soundtrack and you have the most fresh and inventive game made in years.

“Ridiculous Fishing” (iOS, Android)

If you ever thought fishing was boring, prepare to be proven wrong. You just never did it with a shotgun. In “Ridiculous Fishing,” you lower your line as far down as you can, pull up to launch fish out of the water and into the air. Then you shoot the fish. Don’t miss Apple’s iPhone game of the year for 2013.

“Year Walk” (iOS, PC, Mac)

“Year Walk” is a really creepy game. You might be surprised how easily an iOS game can take you out of your comfort zone. Basic gameplay involves running into strange and mythical creatures in the forest and overcoming them through puzzles. But it’s the mysterious and foreboding story that will keep you engrossed enough to dive back into if you happen to complete it once.

“Infinity Blade” (iOS)

“Infinity Blade” was one of the first real “must-have” games for folks with iOS. The basic idea is that your finger is a sword and you may slash as you like. You go into combat one-on-one in an attempt to avenge your ancestors who have fallen before you. If you die to the God King, you’ll become just another ancestor as you begin the game from the top as a new descendent. There are also RPG elements thrown in for good measure just to make sure each trip wasn’t a complete waste.

“Super Hexagon” (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows, Mac, Linux)

“Super Hexagon” is both flashy and exceedingly challenging. You control a small triangle that circles around a hexagon in the center of the screen. The corners of the hexagon split the open space around you into six different areas, and within that those spaces come “walls” that you’ll have to dodge. You’ll have to build up your twitch reflexes to really get good at it, but beating your high score (and maybe the music and visuals) will keep you coming back for more.

“Rayman Fiesta Run” (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

Sure, it’s another endless runner on a device that already has way too many endless runners, but this is an endless runner that is also a “Rayman” game, and that alone makes it better than the rest. Add in the fact that its controls are tight and it’s actually, you know, fun, and it’s definitely the only endless runner on iOS I can really suggest someone pick up.

“Hitman GO” (iOS)

“Hitman GO” is a turn-based strategy stealth game that’s designed to look like a board game. Like a game of chess, you must predict your opponent’s moves and figure out a way to get through the board to get to a certain position or eliminate a target. It’s a pleasant surprise from a normally high-budgeted, third-person action series.

“Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas” (iOS)

Chances are that you aren’t going to be seeing a “Zelda” title from Nintendo on your phone or tablet anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t make a virtual “Zelda” clone and let you pretend they did. “Oceanhorn” is clearly designed to remind anyone playing it of one of Nintendo’s flagship series, complete with heart containers, master keys and even the sailing mechanics from “Windwaker.”

“Monument Valley” (iOS)

Imagine if an M.C. Escher painting were turned into a world for you to explore. That is what “Monument Valley” does. With visual tricks and impossible worlds, you play as a princess as you try to get to the exit on each map. The levels are both rewarding and clever, and the art style is something the great Escher could be proud of.