UW-Madison Campus

Sunday afternoon burglary reported in Sellery Residence Hall

Four suspects believed to have "piggybacked" into residence halls

UW-Madison Campus

ASM hosts UW police chief to discuss recent sexual assault alerts

Representative for Sen. Tammy Baldwin also attended Tuesday meeting


Medical amnesty laws endanger students

More lenient medical amnesty laws would allow students to get necessary help without worrying about their academic future

Letter to the Editor

Campus carry has been and will always be a bad idea

Legislation that allows for concealed possession of a firearm underestimates the complex nature of life at college

City of Madison

UW student assaulted returning from library

UWPD currently investigating case


Dorm safety needs to become a priority for university

Campus authorities keeping important information from dorm residents ultimately puts their safety, security at risk

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD detains armed man barricaded inside patient room

Officers used less-lethal beanbags to de-escalate situation


MPD makes arrest in recent homicide investigation

Darrick Anderson has been charged with first degree intentional homicide

UW-Madison Campus

Sexual assault reported in southern part of campus

Victim, suspect know each other

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: As gun violence escalates, the need for campus carry grows

Permitting qualified students with clean backgrounds to defend themselves against the threat of gun violence keeps UW safe